Demand for this quirky Christmas decor item is keeping its crafty creator busier than one of Santa's elves

By Hannah Chubb
September 30, 2019 01:31 PM
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Credit: CustomDesignPress/Etsy

Don’t be an angry elf from the South Pole — check out this Elf-inspired wreath on Etsy and just try not to smile like smiling is your favorite!

Erica Dutton, whose Etsy store CustomDesignPress is getting inundated with orders for her hilarious Buddy the Elf Christmas wreath, is a holiday fanatic — and the crafter is spreading Christmas cheer far and wide with her most popular creation.

For $75 (with free shipping), anyone who can’t get enough of the 2003 Christmas comedy-turned-holiday classic can get their hands on this conversation-starting piece of seasonal decor: a wreath created using the face of Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elfmouth open and eyes mildly crazed — you’ll almost be able to hear him screaming, “Santa!! I know him!” at the top of his lungs. This hangable wonder will make your home as holiday ready as Gimbels’ winter wonderland.

Credit: New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection

Dutton makes each wreath by hand using deco mesh for the hair and the iconic green elf suit. The wreath measures approximately 18″ by 26″. An elf hat — complete with a gold band and red feather — is nestled in the gold-tinged brown “hair,” mimicking the pointy green cap Buddy wears in the movie.

According to the product description on Etsy, Dutton has been receiving an overwhelming demand for the wreaths, so she is currently taking pre-orders. “Please understand that I will be working on orders as they come in,” she writes, noting that it may take two to four weeks for a wreath to arrive after an order has been placed.

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But Dutton doesn’t mind all the extra crafting. “Christmas is my favorite season of the year!” she tells PEOPLE. She says she decided to make the wreaths because she “wanted to make something that truly captures a childhood memory of watching Christmas movies,” and Elf is one of her all-time favorites.