Snow Rakes for Roofs and Gutters Are Selling Out Quickly — but These 3 Are Still in Stock

They start at $87
By Summer Cartwright
February 17, 2021 01:20 PM
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The unprecedented winter storms across the country have left many wondering how to better prepare for snow and ice, especially those who live in warmer spots that don't typically experience this inclement weather. While maintaining heat and power inside of your home is one battle against the elements, another is keeping up the outside of your house, including the roof. 

Along with heavy snowfall comes weight that can be burdensome on everything from shackles to ceilings. When it comes to this, a roof rake or broom can make all of the difference. They work exactly how they sound, reaching far-out spots to scrape away snow and ice. Most are big enough that you don't have to pull out a ladder to get the job done. You can also use them on gutters, windowsills, and so much more. Commuters, think about how much time this could save you: You'll be able to clean up the top of your car with a few swipes of a snow rake.  

Because there's been such terrible weather lately, roof brooms and rakes have been selling like hotcakes, but we found a few highly rated options that are somehow still in stock. Check them out below.

Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche!

Credit: Amazon

This 16-foot rake snaps together without any tools. It comes with wheels to make each scraping motion even more seamless. "This is a game changer in the winter for snow removal on rooftops," wrote one reviewer. "I used to use a shovel or snow bucket/scoop and this is so much faster and saves on your back."

Buy It! Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche!, $125.99 (orig. $144.99);

Signstek Snow Roof Rake 

Credit: Amazon

If you're looking for something that can handle heavy-duty snow, this rake is for you. It reaches outward up to 21 feet and comes with a snow slide that has removable wheels. "Takes down more snow easier and in a shorter period of time," a shopper summed it up. 

Buy It! Signstek Snow Roof Rake, $86.99;

Snowpeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool

Credit: Amazon

A cutting blade, ridged braces, and glide pads ensure that each scrape is as easy as possible with the Snowpeeler tool. It has four individual 5-foot poles that snap together, so you can switch up the length at your discretion. 

"If you live in an area that deposits snow on your roof, do yourself a favor and get one of these," explained one user. "It takes less than half the time to clear my roof than it did with a rake and it requires much less work and effort to do so."

Buy It! Snowpeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool, $139.95;