This Slytherin-Themed Wedding Photo Shoot Is the Ultimate Inspiration for 'Harry Potter' Fans

Harry Potter fans who are getting ready to make the unbreakable (marriage) vow will love this wedding inspiration

Photo: Swish + Click Photography

Harry Potter fans who are getting ready to make the unbreakable (marriage) vow can rejoice, because Swish + Click Photography just created your dream Slytherin-themed wedding.

Christine Wright, a Houston based photographer, is so obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise she staged a photoshoot to create inspiration for couples who have been sorted into Slytherin House, and still want to remain “elegant on their wedding day.”

“A lot of couples have done the great hall or the forbidden forest, but I hadn’t seen a lot of house-centric weddings or styled shoots,” Wright tells PEOPLE.

Once they committed to the Slytherin idea, they created a mood board and called in local vendors from the Houston area to make the dream come to life for the photoshoot.

Swish + Click Photography
Swish + Click Photography

“I have always been a champion for couples who want to showcase their personality in their wedding day,” Wright says, “and I have a huge love for Harry Potter. I mean my business name ‘Swish + Click Photography’ is a clever play on a Harry Potter spell!”

“I have been seeing a lot of themes out there for weddings,” she adds, “but I see a lot of opportunity to take these themes to the next level, making them more elegant and approachable.”

Swish + Click Photography
Swish + Click Photography
Swish + Click Photography

To provide couples with the inspiration they needed, she photographed a three-tiered white and green wedding cake wrapped in a gold serpent and cookies that were decorated as Death Eater masks. She and her crew also got creative with the place settings, using plates imprinted with the Slytherin logo and topping them with wands, chocolate frogs and Salazar Slytherin’s locket that Voldemort turned into a horcrux.

Swish + Click Photography
Swish + Click Photography

On the bar cart, which resembled a potions station equipped with a Golden Snitch, quills and an animal skull, were bubbly cocktails and containers for commong ingredients in the Wizarding World such as gillyweed.

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Of course, wedding invitations set the theme for the guests before they ever even arrive at the venue, so Wright and her vendors created mock Slytherin-themed stationary asking their guests to attend a “magical” wedding. “I solemnly swear to attend this wedding,” the RSVP card reads, and one of the responses offers the answer of “Always” from Severus Snape‘s famous dying vow.

Swish + Click Photography
Swish + Click Photography

Whether viewers incorporate all or only a few of Wright’s ideas into their wedding, she is mainly excited to inspire and encourage Harry Potter fans like herself to be creative in their wedding planning.

“This shoot is my dreams coming to life,” Wright says. “I hope it inspires couples everywhere to have some elegant fun with their wedding.”

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