PHOTOS: Kardashian BFF Simon Huck Has the Most 'Amazing' Beach House

See inside Simon Huck's beautiful vacation home

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Gathering Hub

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Simon Huck, principle of Command PR and BFF to the Kardashian clan, wanted his Hamptons beach house to be the perfect spot for hosting friends and family. Although the 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath abode needed a little work, the finished product is a stunning retreat for weekend getaways, dinner parties, fireside get-togethers and more.

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Beachy Beauty

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To transform the property into the home of his dreams, Huck brought in designer Michelle Smith from Studio MRS, who gutted, designed and furnished the home in under 3 months. "I know what you’re thinking…not possible," Huck, 32, tells PEOPLE. "I’m convinced Michelle has magical powers."

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Necessary Adjustments

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Huck had a specific list of requirements for the revamped property: "Adding the wet bar in the living room, removing the walls to form an open kitchen and creating a comfortable living room were all must-haves."

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Chic and Stylish

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The house boasts a classic beach look without veering into beachy clichés — and Huck attributes that to Smith’s expert advice. "Honestly, I would have turned my house into a puka shell palace if left to my own devices," Huck jokes. "Michelle encouraged me to take a less 'expected path' and create a clean space with subtle tones."

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All in the Details

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"We covered the entire home in tongue and groove wood paneling painted in Benjamin Moore Hint of Mint, which immediately gave the house a vacation feel," Huck says of Smith’s design choices that were beach-friendly without going overboard.

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Dream Kitchen

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One of Huck’s favorite spaces is the stunning white kitchen. "I never thought I was strong enough to handle an open kitchen with exposed cabinets, largely due to my obsessive-compulsive personality. I thought I'd fixate on a dish if not properly positioned," he says. "However, this all changed when I stepped foot in this room. The 'new me' has become a more laissez faire host."

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Beach Time

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Now Huck, who you can see making frequent appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, can’t get enough of his charming cottage-style retreat. One of his favorite activities? "Floating in the pool with friends for hours upon hours," Huck says. Can’t say we blame him!

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