Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin Accidentally Matched Their Bedroom Makeovers: 'We Started Laughing Hysterically'

Photo: Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main(2)

Olympic gymnasts and long-time BFFs Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin can’t seem to stop twinning.

“Our tastes are almost identical! From sports, to guys, to décor,” Johnson, 25, says. “We pretty much share the same interests with everything.”

A perfect example of their unintentional matching tendencies: When each underwent their own bedroom makeover with affordable decorating site Joss & Main, they accidentally picked a matching centerpiece.

“When we both showed each other our boards, we started laughing hysterically because of course of all the beds on Joss & Main, we picked the exact same one,” Liukin, 27, says.

Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

Although Johnson is nesting in Nashville with husband Andrew East, who she married in April 2016, and Liukin lives in Boston with fiancé Matt Lombardi, the two still remain extremely close. And, no surprise here, their S.O.s are almost as tight-knit as the gymnasts.

“We kind of married (Nastia soon to be) very similar guys,” Johnson says. “So it makes sense that they instantly hit it off and became each other’s best friends as well.”

Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

When it came to redesigning the bedroom in each of their homes, the duo’s main focus was to create something stylish yet comfortable.

“Both women craved a cozy, rustic vibe,” says Joss & Main style director Donna Garlough. “They work hard and have intense travel schedules, so naturally they both wanted really relaxing retreats.”

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In addition to their farmhouse-style sleigh bed, Liukin and Johnson incorporated typographic accents, soft neutral colors and natural elements into their sleeping spaces, which were mostly designed by the girls and Garlough (although they give a little credit to their partners).

“I feel like our guys had some input, but at the end of the day we would ask each other,” Johnson says with a laugh.

Liukin agrees, saying she and Johnson spent a lot of time scrolling the site together while on the road. But she still took into account her fiance’s feelings.

“Of course I ran most of it by Matt — as it is our bedroom — but he was on board with everything, as long as nothing was too ‘girly,’” she says. “My home in Texas is decorated with lots of girly things, including mirrored tables and lots of rhinestones. Let’s just say that was off limits for this house.”

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