Shark VACMOP Pro

Amazon Shoppers Say the Shark Vacuum-Mop 'Worked Like Magic' — and It's Just $80 Today

“I can officially say I am in love”
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Whenever it's time to clean the house, there always seems to be an unending fleet of tools that you're pulling out of the closet, whether it's a newfangled vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner that's designed to tackle all that grout. But if you're looking for a way to streamline the cleaning process, it's well worth investing in the Shark Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop — and it's only $80 at Amazon. 

The lightweight appliance operates as both a mop and vacuum, complete with a powerful suction as well as a spray mopping function. To use the device, simply affix a disposable pad to the bottom of the machine and watch as it pulls up dirt, debris, and pet dander. Since it's cordless, the vacuum-mop can be easily transported from room to room, and it weighs less than five pounds. Plus it comes with four disposable pads as well as 12 ounces of cleaning solution to start you off.  

Thanks to a set of LED headlights, the appliance illuminates all the hidden dirt in corners you would have otherwise not been able to see. To remove the used pad, just press the bottom at the base of the machine — no handling of dirty pads necessary. And when it's time to charge the device, just connect the magnetic charger to the port and you'll be good to go. 

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Buy It! Shark Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop, $80 (orig. $100);

Over 13,000 Amazon shoppers have given the vacuum mop a five-star rating, calling it a "smart invention" and "next to perfect." Another user wrote: "I was able to snap it together, charge it up, and swipe around cleaning my apartment in record time." 

"This Shark Vac Mop is absolutely amazing," one five-star reviewer shared. "It was super easy to put together, super easy to put the pad on, and worked like magic. Vacuuming was impressive, picks up everything, and I love that you can mop up right after you vacuum." They added, "This is a dream beast to own for vinyl, tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors." 

"After three uses of this vacuum/mop hybrid, I can officially say I am in love," another shopper explained. "This combines Swiffering and Swiffer Wetjet into one item, making cleaning the kitchen a whole lot easier. Great battery life, super easy to toss away the pad and snap on a new one, and it does what it says it's meant to do. I thought the LED lights were a bit much when I purchased the product, but goodness, I did not know what I was missing (figuratively AND literally). The lights make cleaning under the counters so much more effective."

Head to Amazon and shop the Shark Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop for just $80 while this deal lasts.