Chris Noth Does Mr. Big Proud Waxing Poetic About New York City in New Ad

The third Sex and the City movie may be up in the air, but Mr. Big is still firmly rooted in the Big Apple

For Sex and the City fans, Mr. Big is just as much a New York icon as the Empire State Building (or Barneys!).

Now, Chris Noth — the man behind Carrie Bradshaw’s longstanding love interest and a tried and true New Yorker — is sharing his favorite memories of, and places in, the Big Apple for a new partnership with vacation rental search engine HomeToGo.

“When I first came to New York, it was like you’d land at the airport and drove in toward the midtown tunnel and come up on the bridge, and you’d see the city and it was just like pulsating,” the actor, 63, recalls. “And your heartbeat just started to race because you just wanted to be in it.”

Noth, who currently stars as an FBI agent in the crime drama Gone, adds of the city’s unique diversity, “Its like in certain neighborhoods, you almost needed a passport.”

Inspired by that notion, HomeToGo compiled a few off-the-beaten-path recommendations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in illustrated maps by artist Jessica Olah.

courtesy HomeToGo

In Brooklyn, they advise, skip the obvious spots, like the borough’s eponymous bridge or a classic pizza joint. Instead, check out the Brighton Ballet Company and Island to Island Brewing.

In Manhattan, Noth’s SATC character’s stomping ground, there are a few not-to-be-missed standbys — like the Empire State Building and Central Park — and several lesser known attractions including the Hare Krishna tree in the East Village’s Tompkins Square Park and Yunhong Chopstick shop in Chinatown.


Another green space, might just top Noth’s personal favorites though, for sheer ambiance. “I love Washington Square Park, he says. “There’s nothing more beautiful on a night — winter, summer, spring — than to go to Washington Square Park and watch people playing music, playing chess.”

He adds, “It’s the greatest city in the world. Let’s face it.”

HomeToGo is the world’s largest vacation rental search engine, with listings all over the five boroughs and beyond.

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