Seth Rogen Shows Off the Cozy L.A. Headquarters of Houseplant, His 'Weed and Home Goods' Company

The actor co-founded the company in 2019 in Canada before bringing it to the U.S. in 2021

Seth Rogan Gives a Tour of Houseplant Headquarters
Photo: Architectural Digest/Youtube

Seth Rogen is giving fans a behind the scenes look at his company's Los Angeles headquarters.

In a tour filmed for, Rogen, 40, takes fans around his home goods and weed company, Houseplant.

Rogen founded the company with Evan Goldberg to "thoughtfully design beautiful products for their favorite plant," according to the company's website.

According to AD, the company launched a line of cannabis in Canada in 2019 and expanded to the United States in 2021, adding a line of home goods. In states where it is legal, Houseplant marijuana is also available.

Rogen begins the tour by showing off the home's front yard which he says he and the team spent lots of time in as they were operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outdoor space is complete with a hammock as well as a "Houseplant" branded cornhole set.

"People love corn hole in America, that's what I've learned," he explains.

The Knocked Up actor says that while they did not initially plan to base their company, Houseplant, out of a literal house it has served the team well. Because a lot of their products are home goods, seeing them in a domestic setting like their headquarters is "invaluable," he says.

His love of doing ceramics is well-documented and some of his pieces are displayed around the house. In fact, one of the company's ashtrays was based off of one he handmade himself.

As he walks around the house, The Pam and Tommy actor showcases many of the company's products including ashtrays, lighters and even records he says the company makes to match the mood of various strains.

One sculptural lighter caddy was modeled to look like his dog Zelda, he reveals. He made the hefty piece after he continuously lost lighters and needed a place to keep track of them.

One item, which he called one of his favorite things, a standing ashtray, is on sale on the company's website for $295.

Seth Rogan
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He then makes his way into the conference room which is a bright room featuring a round wooden table surrounded by green chairs. He says many of the products his company sells he will test himself at home for long periods of time before offering them to the public.

He admits that some of the furniture in the space, namely two green chairs seen in one of the home's sitting rooms, he stole from the set of his film This is the End.

As he enters the space he calls the workshop, colorful ceramics displayed on shelves are seen lining a wall. He says the ceramics are just a small sampling of their collection of vintage ashtrays.

"We at Houseplant have one of the largest vintage ashtray collections in the world," he says.

At the end of the video, Rogen introduces some of his team who share that they are working on low and mid dose THC beverages that the company will be launching later this year.


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