Serena Williams said working with her sister's interior design team has taught her not to be afraid to "have something just totally different, unexpected, or whimsical" in her space

When Serena Williams was looking for an interior designer for her new Florida home, she didn’t have to look far — she just asked her sister Venus Williams for help!

Speaking with Architecture Digest recently, both sisters opened up about their personal approach to design and also dished on what they think of each other’s styles.

Serena, 37, said that her home’s style “changes from house to house.”

“My house in L.A. is traditional with classic furniture and modern hints,” the tennis star said. “I had an apartment in Paris, and it was more just about color blocking. I don’t have one particular style.”

“Now that I’m in Florida and building a house, it’s supermodern, but livable. So, it’s discovering that balance,” she added, revealing that she’ll be working with Venus’ company, V Starr Interiors. “They’re doing everything, and it’s been great. They’ve had some amazing input, and I’m also super hands-on.”

Working with her sister’s team has taught Serena to add a little whimsy to her life, she said.

“Not being afraid to have something just totally different, unexpected, or whimsical,” she told the outlet when asked what she’s learned from the V Starr designers. “For example, we had this pillar that we couldn’t move. So, we used it and made it a stand-out piece, with light coming from the top of it. It’s so amazing.”

Venus Williams, Serena Williams
| Credit: Andre Sturdivant for Oath

The pair, who lived together for years as adults, both gushed about the other’s creativity.

“It’s so fun because we used to live together, and it was great because I would come home and the house would look different. I would love it, and it was perfect,” Serena said.

Venus, 39, said that her younger sister is “really good at space planning.”

Serena Williams and Venus Williams
Serena Williams, Venus Williams
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“Before I was doing any of this sort of design, I couldn’t do that,” Venus said. “So, it’s interesting how she has a knack for it and creating spaces and connections. It’s pretty cool.”

Both tennis stars are competing in the U.S. Open this week in New York.