'Selling Sunset' 's Chelsea Lazkani Says 'Off-Camera ... Microaggressions' Led to Her Fight with Davina Potratz

"There were some microaggressions thrown out," the Netflix hit's latest addition shares during a new episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast

Chelsea Lazkani made quite the splash during Season 5 of Netflix hit Selling Sunset as the latest stunning, drama-attracting agent to join real estate brokerage The Oppenheim Group.

The British-Nigerian reality star ruffled feathers among the cast thanks to her friendship with Christine Quinn, who is feuding with pretty much everyone else on the show. Fans saw things eventually came to a head between Lazkani and fellow agent Davina Potratz when the two clashed over a group tea and a one-on-one coffee date.

But as Lazkani explains in Monday's episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, the drama began before the cameras started rolling. "There were things said off camera and before we shot that really affected my mental state," she told host Janine Rubenstein about their heated confrontation.

Chelsea Lazkani Netflix; DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 06: Davina Potratz attends the 2021 Breeders' Cup VIP Event at Del Mar Race Track on November 06, 2021 in Del Mar, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
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"There were some microaggressions thrown out, and watching the show back, I realized that I was very much harboring that state of frustration," she adds, admitting that holding in her feelings led to her eventual blow up, which saw her storming out of her conversation with Potratz. "You see me kind of escalate to a place of, maybe one could say, anger as a result."

The women cleared the air during the show's first-ever reunion special, which premiered Friday on the streaming platform. And while Potratz seemed ready to move on, Lazkani made it clear they are colleagues, not confidantes.

"I have the utmost respect for Davina and all of my castmates, truly, but I also believe that we can have different values and different core systems that may not align," she says. "We don't have to be super close friends to be cordial with one another."

That mindset also informed her willingness to come in hot with her new coworkers and risk rubbing some the wrong way. "I think that there were parts of me that some of the ladies didn't understand," she muses. "Maybe my background, maybe the fact that I was so strong and I did come across as having loads of opinions, but everything was purposeful."

Lazkani explains that she "didn't have a voice" when she was younger, so she was determined to arrive on Selling Sunset as her "most authentic self" in hopes of inspiring viewers to do the same.

One of the big reveals during the reunion special came when Jason Oppenheim dropped the bomb that there is "not a place" at the brokerage anymore for Quinn, who was not present at the taping. Despite her friend's reduced role, Lazkani isn't letting the news get her down.

Netflix Selling Sunset Reunion Special

"I love her to pieces and her not being at The O Group obviously saddens me, but what you didn't see on camera is my relationship with a lot of the other girls had started to evolve very early on," she says. "I have many relationships at The O Group, not just Christine."

One of those bonds is with Chrishell Stause, which Lazkani says transcends their relationships with others on the show.

"It's so easy for us to not be friends because of the history that pertains between her and Christine," she says. "But she's a boss, you know, I love successful women, so I want to support her. I wanted to work on that relationship and now we have such a strong friendship."

During the episode, Stause announced her budding relationship with gender non-binary musician G Flip. The cast looked thrilled for their co-star's new love, but Lazkani does feel for Jason, whose prior relationship with Chrishell was a major emotional arc on the latest season.

"I've never seen Jason vulnerable," she says. "Us all being so close knit, we definitely want the best for both of them and we definitely love and support both of them."

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