The Bachelorette alum shares his Manhattan home with his best friend, and future Bachelor, Matt James

By Hannah Chubb
July 31, 2020 12:56 PM

Upon moving into his “first big boy apartment” in New York City, Tyler Cameron knew he was going to need a little help turning it into the bachelor pad of his dreams.

While the Bachelorette runner-up, 27, has confidence in his taste — “I'd say I have an eye like Joanna Gaines," he jokes — he admits that he’s never actually furnished a home before.

So he jumped at the opportunity to work with furniture retailer Raymour & Flanigan when he and his roommate, best friend, and the next Bachelor, Matt James, moved into their new place on Manhattan’s Lower East Side last October.   

“I kind of just went after it and went all in,” Cameron tells PEOPLE of working with the furniture brand, explaining that they helped him pick out mature yet fun pieces and take advantage of all the natural sunlight in his apartment (an anomaly in NYC real estate). 

Brown Bear Visuals
Brown Bear Visuals
Brown Bear Visuals

“In my room, I went for a very clean look,” he says. “I wanted there to be very light colors. And it’s a very modern look because it's a modern building, so I was having fun with that.”

In addition to a glossy white bed frame, Cameron’s dresser, nightstand walls and duvet are all pure white. The simple scheme continues in the living room as well, where a white-and-grey diamond-print rug, cream-colored couch and white floor cushions create a cozy and neat environment.

“I haven't been at home much, so it's been staying clean because of that,” he jokes of the ivory furnishings in the apartment. “If I was there, It would probably be a different story. I have a white rug, and I'm just counting down the days until someone spills wine on it.”

Brown Bear Visuals
Brown Bear Visuals

Cameron has been spending time in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. There, he’s been hanging out, working out and making plenty of TikTok videos with his “Quarantine Crew,” which includes James, the Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown, and his two younger brothers. 

Despite enjoying his time in the South, Cameron admits he misses NYC “so much it hurts.” 

"It's the best city in the world,” he says, while acknowledging that he likely won’t be back in the Big Apple before the new year. “I know New York City is going to bounce back because of how resilient the people that live there are. They’re so strong and are such fighters — you’ve got to be able to survive in that city to begin with.”

Cameron also misses spending time with his friends there: “We used to throw a bunch of parties in the apartment and get together with the guys and take meetings and stuff like that,” he says. He and James even invited students from one of the schools they visited with their ABC Food Tours charity over for a Thanksgiving dinner last November.

The glass-walled living room is where the roommates hold most of their gatherings — often seated at a marble-top tulip table, which Cameron says is his favorite piece in the house. 

Brown Bear Visuals
Brown Bear Visuals

“That's my spot,” he says. “That's where I do my thinking, that's where I get it done.” Currently, the reality star is working on a Youtube channel, which he plans to launch in August.

The wall decor also speaks to his and James’s goofy sense of humor — and Cameron is proud to say that he hung all the pieces by himself. 

“I did all the handyman work of hanging up photos,” says Cameron, a contractor by trade, of the mostly New York-themed artworks. “So that's why some may be a little crooked, but that just adds character.” 

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Brown Bear Visuals

Perhaps the most notable items are the two mounted faux giraffe heads that frame the TV.

“Above those white seats, it was just kind of empty space before,” Cameron explains. “It came to me one day that a giraffe needs to go there. I found two.  They're brother and sister — actually they're identical twins,” he jokes. 

The wild animals were just one part of Cameron’s quirky dream for his first real apartment: “I'm a guy with a vision."