Tan France purchased the 3,000-square-foot home with his husband in 2017 and has since personalized every aspect of the living space

By Benjamin VanHoose
January 10, 2020 03:56 PM

Tan France knows how to make room in his home to house the essentials — like his expansive shoe and candle collections.

The Queer Eye star, 36, recently took Architectural Digest on a tour of his 3,000-square-foot Salt Lake City, Utah, home, which he purchased with his husband Rob France in 2017. After a yearlong renovation process, Tan has made the living space into his ultimate sanctuary.

Not only does the home, originally built in 1906, come with an ornate dining room and a kitchen that’s accented by decidedly “industrial and robust” concrete countertops, but a number of sentimental touches tie the space together.

Some artwork created by Tan’s artist husband adorn the walls throughout — at least for as long as Rob will allow.

“Every now and then he’ll let me keep a piece that I’m obsessed with, and so we’ll have it in the house,” he said. “However, what we’ll find is it’ll be up for a month, then he gets sick of it and wants to move on to something else.”

Tan added: “He’s a typical artist — it drives me insane.”

Tan France’s candle closet
| Credit: Architectural Digest/YouTube
Tan France
| Credit: Architectural Digest/YouTube

One of Tan’s favorite things in his home is a gold-framed picture of him and his “idiots” — the rest of Queer Eye‘s Fab Five.

The old-fashioned painting was given to the cast members by Netflix, according to Tan, who said he hopes the others have theirs on full display in their living spaces as well.

“I believe all of us have it in our home,” he said, laughing about the comical image. “… It’s so nice.”

And, because why not, Tan also has an entire closet dedicated to his scented candle collection — his so called “candle closet.” It’s where, he said, he seeks solace on the rare occasion that he finds himself in a bad mood.

“I’m obsessed with it,” he told the camera. “I wish you had Smell-O-Vision, because it smells just so, so good. We always have candles burning in the house — this is actually the least full it’s been in a long time.”

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The fashion guru‘s custom clothing closet sits on the top floor and spans the entire length of the house. As expected, the closet is thoroughly organized by color and style, among other criteria.

“I have a problem,” he confessed of his expansive shoe collection, half of which fills its own room.

The homeowners are in the process of transforming their basement into a walk-in closet to provide more room for Tan’s footwear and other essentials.

“My husband, I assume, is not going to be down here with me, he refuses to sleep downstairs,” he said, showing the work-in-progress basement which will eventually include a bed. “I don’t care, I guess this is where we divorce and I separate and move downstairs.”

He jokingly added: “Into my closet and I choose clothes over my husband.”