Snow incorporates her fair share of "organized chaos" in the space, using knick-knacks from their travels

By Hannah Chubb
October 29, 2019 04:35 PM

Brittany Snow has finally found her pitch perfect home in the Big Apple.

The 33-year-old actress recently opened up her Greenwich Village apartment, to show off the ways that she and her fiancé, Tyler Stanaland, have made the serene loft their own. Though the space has far less square footage than the Studio City, California, house they previously shared, the pair have created a light and airy atmosphere they say makes them feel comfortable, even on the opposite coast.

The couple teamed up with Crate & Barrel to design the apartment, working to ensure that their shared personal style would shine through in the limited space.

“We wanted our place to really capture us and our style,” Snow told PEOPLE. “I’ve always really liked having an elegant style that’s timeless and effortless, even minimalist in a way, but also having quirky touches that makes the space ours.”

Credit: Scott Clark
Credit: Scott Clark

Luckily, the couple — who got engaged this past February — share the same tastes when it comes to interior design, making the process easy for everyone.

Credit: Scott Clark
Credit: Scott Clark

“Even though we’re from different backgrounds . . . we gravitate toward the same things stylistically,” said Stanaland, a former professional surfer and current real estate agent. “So for us, there wasn’t as much conflict; it was a pretty seamless process.”

Credit: Scott Clark

“The most complicated thing was hanging pictures, because of the difference in our heights,” joked Stanaland, who towers over his 5’4” fiancée.

Many of the home’s accessories hold special significance for the couple, from the fuchsia surfboard in the living room to the black-and-white framed photos of their dog above the couch, to the sweet message above their bed (which reads, “And then one day there was you”).

Credit: Scott Clark
Credit: Scott Clark

Snow told Lonny that though she despises clutter, she loves a bit of “organized chaos” in her home. “I love spaces that have a lot of books, things that we have written, or journals. I’m a big fan of white with pops of natural color,” she said.

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One of the main ways Snow likes to display her most prized — and colorful — possessions is on a bookshelf. In fact, the large display with a library ladder in the dining area was one of the features that first sold Snow on the apartment.

“I’m a huge fan of decorating bookshelves,” Snow said. “Even when we’re watching TV, I get up, go fix something, sit back down and then get up and fix it again. It’s fun to make little tweaks and to make it our own.”

Credit: Scott Clark

Many of the objects on the bookshelf are pieces from their home in California, and knick-knacks that they’ve picked up during their time together, both at home and abroad.

Items include records, a brown hat, a ukulele, books, plants, a wine rack, the number 7 and 4 (Snow and Stanaland’s favorite numbers, respectively) and even a napkin from their first date.

Credit: Scott Clark

The bookshelf — along with the big comfy couch in the living room — are the couple’s favorite parts of their new home. Both bring them together, though in different ways.

“Because of our work schedules, we love being able to come back and feel like it’s not only a reflection of our styles, but it also feels like home,” Snow told Lonny. “That is a huge factor for us.”

She continued: “We’re very, very happy with the design and proud of it.”