See Inside 'Marry Me' 's Casey Wilson's Farmhouse-Style L.A. Home: 'The House of Our Dreams'

The home, built in 1938, underwent a year and a half of renovations to transform into Wilson's vision

Casey Wilson Arch Digest Home
Photo: Jesse Giddings

When Casey Wilson and her husband, David Caspe, began house hunting for their growing family, the Marry Me star knew exactly what style she was looking for in an ideal home.

“Maybe this is kind of cheesy, but I’ve always loved the movie Father of the Bride, and I had this idea in my head of the white house with the dark trim,” the actress, 39, told

The couple set out to find the perfect East Coast-style home in L.A., but soon realized this aesthetic is hard to come by in the City of Angels, where architecture trends more contemporary, and Mediterranean-inspired.

After months of searching, they finally found a home that was exactly what they were looking for — and in their favorite neighborhood, Los Feliz, to boot. The only problem? The 4,000-square-foot residence, built in 1938, was definitely a fixer-upper.

Casey Wilson Arch Digest Home

Their friend Doug Levine, an interior designer and architect, offered to tackle the project with the help of interior designer Todd Nickey. Together, the two creatives whipped the dark and cramped estate into shape over the next year and a half.

According to Wilson, she and Caspe “wanted the whole house to feel warm when you came in,” so they created a greater sense of openness on each floor.

Casey Wilson Arch Digest Home
Jesse Giddings

For example, on the first floor, a foyer was carved out by expanding into the home’s former front veranda. Upstairs, Levine knocked out ceilings in order to add larger windows, giving the bedrooms a greater view of the lush greenery in the backyard.

In the basement, the team decided to use the dark and mysterious atmosphere to their advantage, transforming the shadowy space into a makeshift bar. “We’ve done Thanksgiving and Christmas parties there; everybody’s loving it,” Wilson said of the unique space, which can hold up to 100 guests.

Casey Wilson Arch Digest Home
Jesse Giddings

Throughout the house, bold wallpaper, bright colors and cozy furniture are used to make the home feel comfortable and inviting.

Perfectly chic but with a lived-in feel, the house works well for Wilson and Caspe, who are parents to two boys: Max Red, 4, and Henry Bear, 2.

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Now that the renovations are complete — with changes made in every single room in the house — Wilson couldn’t be happier.

“It’s such a nice, warm, fun house that has a lot of color and brightness,” gushed the actress, thanking the designers who helped her turn her Father of the Bride vision into a reality. “It ended up being truly so far and beyond the house of our dreams.”

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