See Glee Star Becca Tobin's Living Room Makeover: 'We're Madly In Love With This House'

"I lucked out and I married someone with great taste," the LadyGang podcast host says of decorating the home with her husband, Zach Martin

Becca Tobin x Havely Living Room Makeover

After months of renovating her California dream home, Becca Tobin finally has the perfect place to quarantine and enjoy taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

The Glee actress, 34, and her husband, Zach Martin, bought their house almost a year ago, but spent more than six months on renovations — like fresh flooring and gutting the kitchen — before they got to decorate and make it their own.

"It was a beautiful house with great bones but it just needed to be updated," Tobin tells PEOPLE. She decided to work with online interior design service Havenly to decorate the living room thanks to a suggestion from her LadyGang podcast co-host, Keltie Knight. Now, she says, it's the room they spend the most time in: "It's comfortable and it's attached to the kitchen!"

Working with Havenly remotely, she explains, was a unique process. The service paired her with designer Shelby Girard after taking a style quiz online. "You take photos of the room that you're planning on decorating with them and they do these crazy renderings," Tobin says.

Becca Tobin x Havely Living Room Makeover
Becca Tobin x Havely Living Room Makeover
Christopher Lee Foto

"I sent her a pretty blank canvas — we just had a couch that we knew we wanted to keep," she says, explaining that Girard designed a room for them and provided them with a list of products based around that one piece of furniture. "It was just very cool to see her ideas come to life in this space without having to actually bring all the stuff in and try it out."

An interior design newbie before, Tobin says she now knows the "fancy words" for her and Martin's aesthetic preference: a "Pacific natural" style.

"I was like, 'Oh my gosh. I never knew there was a perfect term for what it is that I love!'" she jokes. "But it's "Pacific natural"— a little bit Bohemian and pretty minimalistic. We don't like a lot of clutter and we want to feel like the space is pretty calm."

Becca Tobin x Havely Living Room Makeover
Christopher Lee Foto
Becca Tobin x Havely Living Room Makeover
Christopher Lee Foto

The couple also wanted to make sure that their living room didn't feel too stuffy, so guests will be comfortable in the space once they're able to entertain again.

"We wanted people to come over and feel like they could sit on our couch and mess up our pillows and even spill on our rug and we wouldn't freak out," she says. "That's sort of the key to all of it for us."

Tobin's favorite new furniture item is the wooden, curved accent chairs "with the weave-like seating," she says. "I think they're my favorite pieces in the entire house. They're just so cool and we just love natural textures and fibers so it added that to the space immediately."

The actress says that the design process was admittedly quite easy, especially due to the fact that she and her husband have similar design preferences. "I lucked out and I married someone with great taste," she says.

Martin has collected art for many years and prefers a more contemporary art style, "so that was really the only thing for us that we had to piece by piece agree on what could be hung in the house and what couldn't," she explains.

Tobin's grandmother is also an artist, so she's been able to pick out sculptures and paintings of hers that she loves over the years — many of which are now featured in the home. "I think anybody can pick out furniture and decor, but the art is really what says a lot about the people living in the home."

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And while the house certainly does feel like home to the happy couple, Tobin says it's missing one thing: extended family.

"We're talking about spending a little bit more time on the East Coast where our families are," she admits. "The pandemic has really made us realize that there are more important things in life, and family is one of the big things for us and we're so far away. So, we're flirting with the idea of maybe finding a house on the East Coast."

Though a move out East may be on the horizon, Tobin says they'll certainly stay in their current home at least until they finish the downstairs, as she and Martin love the renovation process.

"Everything's still up in the air, but we do love this house," she says. "We're madly in love with this house."

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