See Inside Dita Von Teese's 'Sexy, Womanly' L.A. Home: 'I'm Sure People Will be Disturbed by It'

"I like feeling like I am living in this house in a very similar way to the way somebody did in the '20s or '30s," the burlesque star says

Dita Von Teese
Photo: Trevor Tondro

It’s safe to say that Dita Von Teese‘s Los Angeles home is unlike any other.

The Tudor Revival-style residence is filled with brilliantly colorful rooms, quirky antiques and taxidermy that the burlesque star has collected over the years. When she first moved in, however, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“All the walls were painted white,” she tells “And I have a phobia of white walls in houses. I am a maximalist. My first order of business was going through room by room and adding color and excitement.”

Sure enough, not one room in Von Teese’s residence appears to be the same hue, though they all give off a fantastical, fairytale vibe. When guests step into her home, they’re immediately greeted by an entryway decorated in a mural inspired by a medieval castle.

Dita Von Teese
Trevor Tondro

“I have all these pictures in my home decor inspiration file—they’re all pictures of castles and historic interiors that haven’t been touched in a hundred or more years,” Von Teese told AD. “I had some pictures of this mural, in a castle in France, that is a little haunting, and a little bit Gothic, and a little bit dark, and I asked [decorative artist Caroline Lizzaraga], ‘Can we do something like that?’”

Torch-like standing lamps that were a gift from a friend, vintage jewelry dealer Connie Parente, light up the foyer. “I’m sure people will be disturbed by it, but it’s something from the past and I am just fascinated with the way things used to be done,” she said.

The star added that the home’s historic presence is what drew her to the property in the first place.

“I like feeling like I am living in this house in a very similar way to the way somebody did in the ’20s or ’30s,” she shared. “It made a big difference to me when I was buying the house that someone lived here for so long and raised their children here. The owner even got married here.”

Dita Von Teese
Trevor Tondro

Von Teese’s one-of-a-kind kitchen was inspired by a classic green stove that she found and knew she had to have.

“I wanted a sexy, womanly, grown-up kitchen,” she told “I fell in love with that AGA stove in that racing green, and just went from there. I brought in all my favorite greens—like a jade, a mint, a British racing green.”

The space was also one of the reasons Von Teese purchased the home. “I bought this house [in part] because the kitchen wasn’t overly renovated. I like to keep things as historical as possible,” she said.

Dita Von Teese
Trevor Tondro

The only room in the home devoid of color and trinkets is Von Teese’s bedroom, which is a monochromatic silver.

“I have so much color in my house; a silver room is like my version of minimalist” she said of the room, which also features a painting of Von Teese by Olivia De Berardinis hanging over her custom chest of drawers.

“What kind of burlesque dancer are you if you don’t have one topless painting of yourself hanging in your house?”

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