"I wanted it to just be a place where, if my friends come over and do mushrooms, we have something to look at," the comedian joked about one feature of her six-bedroom residence

Chelsea Handler's California estate could not be better suited for the comedian.

The TV personality and author, 44, led archdigest.com on a tour of the 5,572-square-foot Bel Air home, which she completely remodeled to fit her tastes — and her hobbies. Now, she describes the modernized home as "soft, contemporary and really clean."

"I just committed to putting a lot of work into it," she said. "It ended up being a great learning experience . . . We tore the house apart, inside and out, while keeping the main frame. I had to move out a couple of times, and I did a lot of construction — but I just really wanted it to have that indoor-outdoor California vibe."

The residence boasts six bedrooms — as well as a few built-in features that make the home perfect for Handler's varied recreational activities.

". . . I wanted it to just be a place where, if my friends come over and do mushrooms, we have something to look at," she told AD.

Credit: Tim Hirschmann

One sitting room in her house is not only a standout because of the two vintage chairs that tie the area together, but rather the 18-game arcade system that lets guests (and Handler) veg out with the occasional video gaming session.

"My friends' kids love it," she said, before admitting, "Also, sometimes I will get really stoned and play Super Mario Bros. late at night, so that works out well for everybody."

Handler expressed her desire to keep the entire home inviting with a "cozy, warm vibe," but she would concede that no room tops her bedroom, which she spends the majority of her at-home time lounging in.

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Credit: Tim Hirschmann

"This is my mainstay," said Handler. "I spend most of my time here, either in my bed or on those two purple chairs. I meditate in here. I sleep in here. I am eating breakfast right now doing this interview in here. I watch MSNBC here. A lot goes down in this room."

Every now and then, however, Handler said she will take a stay-cation away from her master bedroom, instead sleeping in her guest bedroom — and its bunk beds. The custom-made sleeping area accommodates three sleepers, with a full bed on bottom and a twin on top.

Credit: Tim Hirschmann

"It's a nod to my childhood," Handler said. "I always loved bunk beds. There were six kids in my family, including me. There was always a bunk-bed situation."

She added: "Sometimes I sleep in here for a week, if I am feeling fragile."

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