Hillary Clinton spent three years renovating her and Bill Clinton's Washington, D.C. home

Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s Washington, D.C. getaway is a stunning red-brick house built in 1951 and personalized with decor that the couple collected from all over the world during their time in politics.

In a new feature on architecturaldigest.com, the former Secretary of State, 71, explained that she had an “emotional reaction” to the house the first time she visited it.

“I had an experience in this house, which was just emotional,” she told AD. “I had gone up to the third floor and looked out over the trees — to the back of the British embassy — and I just felt like I was in old-time London or New York. The gardens were just the most amazing that I had seen anywhere in my real-estate tour.”

The couple’s primary residence is in New York, but they still spend time at the D.C. house they first bought when Hillary was elected to the Senate in 2000.

From 2003 to 2006, Hillary worked with an interior designer to renovate the 5,500-square-foot home. One of the main projects involved adding a “sun-filled conservatory living area” to the back of the house — perfect for gazing out at the backyard’s gardens and pool. It’s now one of her favorite spots to read, swim, nap or meet with guests, according to AD.

“I spend every bit of time that I can [here],” she said. “We have lots and lots of outdoor events, hundreds and hundreds of people sometimes.”

Architectural Digest Hillary Clinton's home CR: Architectural Digest
Credit: Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest Hillary Clinton's home CR: Architectural Digest
Credit: Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest Hillary Clinton's home CR: Architectural Digest

Hillary also told the outlet that she worked with her mom, Dorothy Rodham, to help pick out the furniture and paint colors in the house.

“Both my mother and I love color, and you can see, we have a lot of color in the house that came from our collaboration,” she explained.

The dining room walls are painted bright blue, and Hillary chose a bright, vibrant rug that wouldn’t get easily stained by a spill in order to make guests feel comfortable at the dinner table.

“We use this room in several ways,” Hillary told AD of the dining room. “We have actual dinners, buffets, or, sometimes, cocktail parties. And when I was Secretary of State, I had a memorable dinner there. All the foreign secretaries from what was then called the G8 — the Brits, the French, the Germans and the Russians.”

The room holds a painting by actor Pierce Brosnan, and their home features several other cherished pieces of art, including a painting they purchased in Hanoi, Vietnam and a teapot gifted by Nelson Mandela.

Though they primarily live outside of the Beltway now, the pair still love spending time at their D.C. retreat.

“I’d seen lots of homes in my hunt,” said Hillary. “But this one had everything I wanted.”

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