See the dreamy, flower-filled space that Vivi can grow into

By Greta Bjornson
December 06, 2019 12:54 PM

When Sarah Foster’s daughter Valentina told her mom she was “ready for a big girl room,” the two of them got to work dreaming up the perfect space the 9-year-old could grow into.

The Barely Famous alum enlisted the help of interior designer Ariel Okin, who, along with Valentina, chose pieces from Anthropologie to outfit the space.

“Vivi is pretty opinionated,” Foster, 38, says of her daughter, whom she shares with tennis pro husband Tommy Haas, 41. But luckily, she was able to find common ground with Okin during the design process.

“Vivi mixed and matched all the furniture that Ariel picked out,” Foster says. “So it was really a true collaboration between Vivi and Ariel. I was outvoted multiple times.”

Justin Coit
Justin Coit

Valentina had one special request for the space that did ultimately get vetoed by her mom.

“All she wanted was a swing in her bedroom,” Foster says. “I had to remind her that she is not a princess and we live in the real world where swings don’t fit in bedrooms.”

Justin Coit

Valentina‘s new bedroom includes touches like floral-pattered wallpaper, a spacious and sunny desk area for her to do homework, and a sleek gold shelf for her stuffed animals to call home.

“The room just has such a perfect flow,” Foster says.

Valentina‘s space is accented with pale blush vases filled with flowers as a nod to the botanical wallpaper, and features bold accents like a luxurious velvet navy desk chair.

Foster loves how the room turned out, right down to the fluffy rug, which she says is “like standing on a cloud.”

Justin Coit

Growing up as the daughter of musician David Foster, Sara says her “bedrooms were always cute, but nothing on this level.”

“I don’t remember ever having much of a say in any of my bedrooms, let alone having a brilliant designer create a room with such a cool store,” she adds.

Okin calls working on the blush and pale green-hued room with Valentina and her mom “so much fun.”

She adds, “It all comes together to creating a sophisticated and happy space that works for Vivi today, but also will feel relevant five or ten years down the line.