The Property Brothers star and his wife, Linda Phan, can't wait to host friends and family in the space post-pandemic

By Hannah Chubb
March 30, 2021 05:54 PM
drew scott
Credit: Resource Furniture

Drew Scott is a firm believer in making every space in your house count, so one of his quarantine projects involved making better use of one of the forgotten ones in his own home: the attic. 

The Property Brothers star, 42, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife Linda Phan, decided to figure out a way to make the formerly-unused space more functional, and was inspired to give it a new life as a space to host guests post-pandemic.

"I am a huge advocate for getting the most out of every square inch of your home," the real estate expert tells PEOPLE. "We love to have family and friends stay with us, and this felt like the perfect flex space."

Scott decided to team up with Resource Furniture to install one of the brand's popular wall beds: the LGM. An evolution of the traditional "murphy bed," the piece acts as a small-space solution by displaying a bookshelf on one side, and a fold-down queen-sized bed on the other.

drew scott
Credit: Resource Furniture
drew scott
Credit: Resource Furniture

The bookshelf side stands upright when the bed is not needed, in order to save floor space, but the system can be simply pulled out from the wall, rotated and pulled down when it's time to sleep, as seen in the video below

"We can escape for a little reading nook (or a secret nap!) and know our room is ready at any time for our guests," Scott says of the system, which he describes as both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

"The open shelves have also turned into a bit of a unique personal space for us," he adds. "It's where we put items we've collected on trips, as well as some of the books that hold a special place in our hearts." 

drew scott
Credit: Resource Furniture

Because the couple hasn't seen many guests recently due to the pandemic, the space has also become multifunctional for them. 

"We knew we wanted this to be primarily for guests, but a space we could use, too," Scott says. "It turned into our room for yoga, reading and simply relaxing."

Hoping to make it feel more like another room in the house, rather than a forgotten old attic, Scott also worked hard to make sure the design felt similar to the rest of the home, and decided to preserve its original structure. 

Drew Scott and Linda Phan
Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan
| Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

"We wanted to feature the historic architectural character of the home, so we kept the arched window front and center and designed around it," says the HGTV star. "Now, the room ties in beautifully with the light, fresh and calming feel of the rest of our home."

As they continue to ride out the pandemic, Scott and Phan are thrilled to have a new room they can escape to, claiming new space without having to add any more square footage to the house.

"It went from the room we didn't want to think about to the one we can't forget," Scott says.