"I wanted to punch it up a little bit," Catherine tells PEOPLE of her new space.

By Madison Roberts
August 22, 2018 03:08 PM
Credit: Modsy

Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine Giudici Lowe just re-did their dining room.

With the help of Modsy, a service that creates realistic renderings of your space using furniture dimensions and matches you with a designer to pick pieces for any room in your house, the Lowes transformed their space.

“I wanted to redecorate it because it didn’t represent the style that I want for our house,” Catherine, 32, tells PEOPLE. “The room itself had really good potential but I think that the pieces that I had in it really didn’t represent my evolving style. I wanted to punch it up a little bit.”

Before redecorating, Catherine called the space “cozy,” as it featured six gray tufted dining chairs seated around a rustic wooden table. The only pops of color in the room were the bright turquoise wall and a bright pink chair in the corner.

| Credit: Modsy
| Credit: Modsy

“Everything was very muted in color,” Catherine says. “I just think that someone’s design style should be representative of them. I’m a very comfortable person who enjoys being on the sofa with my family. I also have a personality where it’s a little spunky and a little bit of design-heavy. So I wanted [the dining room] to really be a representation of that part of me.”

“I wanted it to be more of a New York look,” she adds. “Where it was pieces—a minimal amount of pieces—that make a splash. I think that’s exactly what we did.”

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First, Catherine—a graphic designer and owner of LoweCo, a luxury stationary company—took a quiz to determine her style and places she typically shops for furniture so the designers could personalize her experience. Then, she took photos of the room, and instructed her designer that she wanted a “subtle but bold” style. The turquoise wall, which she hired someone to paint after seeing it on a Pinterest board for inspiration when they first bought the house, was the jumping off point for the room’s redesign.

“It looked so sexy in the Pinterest picture and it was really something that I knew would look great on this wall,” Catherine says. “When you walk into our house, that’s one of the first things that you see.”

| Credit: Modsy

Catherine describes her style as “minimalistic glam.” Often, she finds herself drawn to clean-lined pieces and colors or metallics that make bold statements but she also adopts the “less-is-more” mentality.

She swapped out the muted chairs for rounded mustard yellow ones with gold legs and traded in the wooden table for a glass one—giving the room a more modern feel. By placing a metallic chest toward the window, Catherine was able to maximize her storage space while also adding an elevated metallic look to the room, which pulled in the gold from the new light fixture. However, because Catherine and Sean, 34, are parents to Samuel, 2, and a 3-month-old newborn, Isaiah, they wanted to make sure their new dining space was functional for their family.

“This is gonna be a space that’s really important to our family,” Catherine says. “The dining room is where you eat meals with your family and I want to create a space that is livable for them and that that they want to be in to enjoy family dinners and conversation.”

Before, the couple’s bar storage was on the bottom shelf of a circular end table in the corner of their room, but the Modsy designers had the idea to mount a wooden cabinet on the wall with a gold tray on top to store their spirits.

Mounted Bar Cabinet
| Credit: Modsy

“It’s really beautiful,” Catherine says. “It’s classic but it has more modern details and it definitely works for the functionality. You know, I don’t want my two-year-old to get in the bar area.”

Catherine wasn’t the only one who cared about how the dining room turned out. She assured PEOPLE that although he let her take the reigns, Sean had opinions on how he wanted the room to look because his mom is an interior designer.

| Credit: Modsy
| Credit: Modsy

“It’s his home too, and we have a similar design aesthetic where I’m not super floofy and he’s very masculine,” Catherine says. “We definitely are in the middle about it and very modern.”

The Bachelor couple have lived in their four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home in Dallas for nearly two years, and they’re using their new and improved dining area as a kicking off point for the rest of the home redecorating. Catherine says next, they plan to move to the bedroom, which needs a few cosmetic updates, but they won’t start a renovation until Isaiah has moved out of their room and into the nursery.

“It is kind of the trailblazer of the house right now,” Catherine says. “The dining room really is set apart from the other rooms but I think that’s where I want my home to go—in the direction of an artful space that works and is functional for my family, but makes a statement.”