"I want Penelope to be as comfortable at my house as she is at her mom's," Disick said

By Rachel DeSantis
September 17, 2019 03:32 PM

After a moment of skepticism, Scott Disick is thinking pink.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 36, went above and beyond in helping his daughter redecorate her bedroom, and though he was initially reluctant to splash the walls with a rosy hue, he eventually caved to the power of pink.

In a clip from E!’s Flip It Like Disick, the star explains that he felt like it was time to upgrade the bedroom of his 7-year-old daughter Penelope, whom he shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian, to something a bit more fun and playful.

“Obviously, the most special girl in the world to me is my little daughter Penelope,” Disick says in the episode. “And because she goes back-and-forth to her mom Kourtney’s house, because we co-parent, I want Penelope to be as comfortable at my house as she is at her mom’s. And I want her room at her dad’s to be perfect.”

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Penelope made several requests to her father, including a fluffy rug, a mirrored ceiling and yes, a pink wall.

Though the mirrored ceiling idea was rejected, Disick enlisted interior designer (and former pop star) Willa Ford to help make the rest of Penelope’s dreams comes true (white Peruvian alpaca fur rug included) with a $20,000 budget, according to E!

Scott Disick and Willa Ford
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Together, the duo swapped out Penelope’s lamp for something more modern and sleek, and traded her simple, dark brown bedside tables for “new, cool” ones made of a lighter wood.

Her simple white bedspread was also replaced with a pink one, which Ford topped off with several fluffy throw pillows.

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Penelope also received a white swivel chair, rainbow tape lights that glow from behind her headboard and a special portrait of the grade-schooler created by artists the Kaplan Twins.

E! Entertainment. Inset: Scott Disick/Instagram

Before choosing to paint the walls pink, Disick and Ford tried out some samples, including gray and different variations of pink and purple.

“My house definitely has a certain vibe, and that’s not pink,” the father of three says. “I just think gray is a little more timeless and she’ll grow into it.”

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Of course, he eventually gave in, and allowed the walls to be painted pink, which was very exciting for Penelope.

“The look on P’s face when she saw that all-pink room was, honestly, priceless,” he says. “And like, those are things that I really, really do enjoy in life now.”

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