Why' Scandal' Star (and Mom-to-Be) Katie Lowes Bought a House She Hated: 'The Night Before We Moved In I Was Crying'

And how she and husband Adam Shapiro transformed it before their baby boy arrives

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Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro's Big-Kid Home

Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

Scandal’s Katie Lowes and her husband actor Adam Shapiro weren’t exactly in real estate heaven when they picked up their new pad in Southern California. Although they fell in love with the backyard, the interiors of the 1937 build left quite a bit to be desired.

“We walked into this house and kept saying let’s try this and that and I kept saying I have no idea what the inside of this house is supposed to look like,” says Lowes, who announced in May that the couple are expecting their first child together. “I actually thought it was pretty ugly.”

Shapiro echoes his wife’s concerns. “It was not hip. It wasn’t modern. It wasn’t cool,” he says. “We literally bought the house for the outside and the location.”

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Adult Digs

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But with their son on the way, the couple realized that it was time to swap their “really, really cool Hollywood Hills home” for an abode better suited for a newborn, a reality check that didn’t come easy for Lowes. “The night before we moved, I was crying,” she admits. “I love to walk in the door of my home and love what I see. And even though I was not getting those vibes, we bought it anyways.”

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Design Gladiator

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It didn't help matters that the couple moved into the house with almost no furniture or personal belongings. “We sold the majority of our furniture to the person who bought our old house so when we moved in, we had a couch and a bed,” Shapiro says. So the two turned to designer James Tabb of online interior design site Laurel & Wolf to help them outfit the spaces with just enough personality to make the couple feel cool again.

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Sip and Sit

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The music room, just off the more causal of two living spaces, serves as a spot to tickle the ivories, admire their bold artwork or mix a cocktail at the adjacent bar. “I never would have cared about having something like that before,” Shapiro says. “But now I want to be able to make a really good drink right here in the living room.”

Lowes adds, “The minute I can have hard liquor, I'd like my personal husband mixologist to make a sick ass drink from our bar.”

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New Views

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A formal living room draws on the “industrial cabin vibe” that the two had in their previous home, complete with updated twists like a forest green sofa. “Five years ago, I would have rolled my eyes, but all of a sudden [Tabb] started sharing things on the platform and I started to expand my interior design style,” Lowes says.

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Mix and Match

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“You mix new pieces with your artwork that you might have had saved for 15 years, and now all the sudden it is your style, and it makes total sense," says Shapiro of the new design process.

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Gathering Hub

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The dining room exudes a welcoming vibe, ideal for the “very social” couple. “We could really envision a lot of barbeques and get-togethers. We definitely wanted the house to have a social flow where, if you’re having dinner parties or entertaining guests, you start in one room for cocktails, have dinner outside or in the dining room, and then you’re in the living room for sports days where Adam and his dudes are all watching games,” she says. “We just wanted to feel like the doors are always open and comfortable.”

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Expanding the Family

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One extra special room in the house will soon be a haven for it's newest member. “By the way, we’re also having a kid!” Lowes says with a laugh, explaining that they had to add the nursery into their design requests. Tabb, alongside eco-friendly kids’ furniture brand Oeuf, decorated their baby boy’s room with a nautical theme.

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Best for Baby

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“I’m obsessed because it’s where my baby is going to be spending a million hours a day — napping and sleeping,” she says. “I started to already become the mom who cares about what they will be breathing in and what kind of materials they’re sleeping on.”

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Welcome Home

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The move may have had a rough start, but Lowes and Shapiro say they have finally settled into their grown-up abode. “Home has really changed for me as of recent,” she says. “Obviously I’m about to pop, so it’s awesome that I’m nesting like crazy in this newly design home. I love what it looks like. I just really, really love being here.”

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