Each island can fit up to six people for your next party in the water

By Madison Roberts
February 13, 2019 02:59 PM
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Credit: Sam's Club

It may be February, but Sam’s Club wants to get you into the spirit of summer.

To welcome the warmer months, the super store unveiled their latest collection of inflatable “party birds,” which took the world — and Instagram — by storm last year. As part of their 2019 line of inflatables, Sam’s Club revamped their massive pink flamingo that can fit six people with additional storage for drinks, by filling it with glitter.

They also added two new floats to the lineup, including a glittery swan wearing a crown and an inflatable boat with eight cup holders and a built-in cooler so you never have to leave the inflatable island.

Credit: Sam's Club
Credit: Sam's Club

According to the description, the floats are built to withstand use on land or in the water, and each of the 6-person inflatables cost $169.98.

Credit: Sam's Club
Credit: Sam's Club

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Not into the party island? The store is also planning to launch a new line of 10 individual floats in designs like a festive llama, a shark, a flamingo, and a glittered patriotic eagle — each with matching floats for your drink.

Credit: Sam's Club
Credit: Sam's Club
Credit: Sam's Club
Credit: Sam's Club

Only the unicorn design is currently for sale on the site, but al ten individual float packages ($11.98 each) will be available for purchase in March.