EXCLUSIVE: Watch Ryan Zimmerman and Daughter Mackenzie Get an Unreal Surprise on Playhouse Masters

See the Washington Nationals first baseman's amazing reaction to his new princess castle

The Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman is getting a fairytale castle.

It’s not a showy new property for the all-star athlete or even a glitzy vacation getaway. It’s actually in his backyard. And there’s the small issue of the 6’3″ first baseman not really being able to fit inside of it.

The spectacular structure — scaled instead for his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Mackenzie — is the creation of Tyson and Audy Leavitt of TLC’s new series Playhouse Masters.

The show debuted last Tuesday with an episode featuring the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, his wife, Ayesha and daughter, Riley. The family received an adorable pony-themed playhouse complete with a built-in ball pit that Steph enjoyed just as much as his little girl.

In an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, Zimmerman and his family get their first look at the massive and luxurious (it cost $50,000) custom castle. Complete with a swirling slide, a tiny ballet studio and a cozy reading area, the two-story space would be a dream come true for any kid who, as Zimmerman puts it earlier in the episode, “likes that princess castle kinda thing.”


A flagstone path leads to the downright enchanting-looking clearing where the house sits, framed by topiaries of course. A shingled roof, working water wheel and even charming faux-aged materials echo the style of their real (grown-up scale) house.

Inside, a pair of seats for mom and dad face a small stage for ballet performances. A bunk bed with a mini chandelier hanging above, on the second floor, is a perfect spot to play or nap beside a clothing rack filled with tutus to try on.

“It’s something we plan on having for a long time,” says Zimmerman.

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