See Inside 'Glee'' s Romy Rosemont's 'Functional and Feminine' Dressing Room Makeover

The Glee actress and her husband Stephen Root just gave one room in their house a major facelift.

Photo: Dustin Walker

Romy Rosemont and Stephen Root just gave one room in their house a major facelift.

The actress, who’s best known for roles on Glee and CSI, had a spare room in her Sherman Oaks, California, home that she was using as a closet/guest room, but she wanted to transform the space into a fancier dressing room and office space. So she enlisted the help of designer Lauren Krieger to mix the decor in the rest of the house with her mid-century modern vision for the new space.

“We met a little bit in the middle with some mid-century patterns and furnishings,” Krieger tells PEOPLE of the design, “but glammed it up with more modern lines and softer colors.”

Initially, the room had three white walls and one bright red accent wall decorated with a vintage-style poster, but Rosemont wanted it to feel like a “Hollywood dressing room” not a catch-all space.


“I wanted something functional and feminine—a place that I could read, write, meditate or just hang out,” Rosemont tells PEOPLE. “I have a tendency to be all over the place with my ideas and Lauren focused me until we landed on a cohesive look that worked for both my vision and for the look of my house.”


The got rid of the red, replacing it with a pale blue-and-white-patterned wallpaper, and installed black cork flooring.

Dustin Walker

While most of the standard furniture in the space is stark white (like the vanity and custom built-in storage), the pair accented the room with pops of color and modern accents, like a gold wall mirror, a pink Eames-style side chair, and a lounge chair in navy velvet in the corner of the room.

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Although Rosemont says she was “very involved” in the room’s redesign, she and Krieger “did see eye to eye on pretty much everything.”

Dustin Walker

She’s so smitten with her new glam dressing room, the actress jokes she’s going to need to make over the rest of her house to match the caliber of design.

“I love it!” Rosemont says. “Now I just need to arrange my schedule so I can spend more time in it.”

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