Your home is about to be so clean

By Summer Cartwright
March 19, 2020 02:35 PM

Unfortunately, your Alexa smart device can’t clean your home on command — but this Alexa-enabled robot vacuum can. Roborock’s S6 vacuum is like a cleaning service jam-packed into one small and automatic appliance. And for today only, you can shop the robot vacuum cleaner for $200 off its original price on Amazon.

This 4.6-star model is unlike most other vacuums. For one, the S6 has technology that recognizes and maps out the rooms in your home, so it cleans without bumping into any of your precious items. Using the Roborock app, you can tell your Robovac which room you want cleaned, and it’ll use its memory to determine “the fastest route to clean each room based on its shape.” Imagine trying to get your significant other to do that.

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With the app, you can schedule cleanings of all the rooms in your home. Got an unexpected visitor coming after work? No problem, just get on your app, press a few buttons, and your living area will be spick and span by the time you get home. If you’re home and don’t feel like lifting a finger to your phone, you can tell Alexa to start up the ol’ device and it’ll get cleaning in no time.

In addition to being one of the smartest robot vacuums around, the S6 is also one of the smartest mops in the game — just snap on an included mop unit, choose what water speed you want, and cleanup time begins.

And while the S6 has a strong battery life (it can clean for up to three hours at a time), the device recognizes when its battery is low and returns automatically to its charging dock.

With these features and more, you’ll get a home cleaner that sucks in the best way possible — and a new favorite roommate who does their chores without being asked.

Buy It! Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, $449.99 (orig. $649.99);

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