Robit V7S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Only Amazon Prime Members Can Get This 'Ridiculously Strong' Robot Vacuum for $90 Off

“It gets into every single corner in the entire house”
By Eden Lichterman
July 29, 2021 09:00 PM
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As you slowly start emerging from your home this summer, you may have noticed extra dirt and dust getting left behind on your floors. Instead of constantly using an upright vacuum to keep your space clean, why not let a robot vacuum do the hard work for you? So long as you're an Amazon Prime member (or sign up for a free 30-day trial), you can get the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner on sale for $110. 

With 2,000 pascals of suction power, this robot vacuum cleaner can easily pick up dust, dirt, and hair from both hard floors and carpets. It's only 3.1 inches tall, so it can slide under furniture and capture all the hidden debris your upright vacuum usually leaves behind. It also has smart sensors that prevent it from running into walls or falling down the stairs.

You can also schedule daily cleanings for the robot vacuum, so you don't even have to worry about turning it on each day. It has a 100-minute run time, and it automatically charges itself when the battery is running low. 

Buy It! Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $109.99 (orig. $199.99);

"Once it learns your home, this thing is ridiculously accurate in keeping the house [clean] and all the dog hair off the floor," one reviewer wrote. "I am seriously blown away by how well this robot works. The suction power is ridiculously strong; it gets into every single corner in the entire house!"

A second shopper added, "I was hesitant when I first looked upon it because it is so sleek and small in size, I was actually not sure how strong the suction would be. Surprise surprise, the cleaning ability of this little thing is just incredible! The noise level is super low, too. I've had other vacuum cleaners before, and my dog really hates it, but this one robot vacuum seems to not upset him so much! I would recommend it for anyone who wants to keep their floor clean all the time."

The benefits of being a Prime member extend beyond just free two-day shipping; you'll also get incredible deals on customer-loved items like the Robit V7S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Add the robot vacuum to your cart ASAP to take advantage of the $90 off deal. 

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