Retta Says There's 'Equal Opportunity Ugly All Over' Ahead of 'Ugliest House in America' Season 2

"I'm nosy, so anytime I can get into somebody's house and see…I'm into it," Retta says of the HGTV show

Fifteen of the ugliest homes in the country are competing for the most unorthodox title on HGTV.

Season 2 of the network's Ugliest House in America", this time with the theme "Ugly in Paradise," follows host Retta, 52, as she travels to several states to ultimately award the least attractive home a $150,000 renovation completed by Windy City Rehab designer Alison Victoria.

Throughout the 5-episode run, the Parks and Recreation star says each region has something "terrible" to offer. "I feel like it's equal opportunity ugly all over the place," she tells PEOPLE.

When she first signed on to join the show, which premiered in January, she was just finishing her own home renovations and was even more interested in home decor. But, there's another reason she jumped at the opportunity.

"I'm nosy, so anytime I can get into somebody's house and see…I'm into it," she quips. "This [is] an opportunity on getting inside people's houses to see what's up behind closed doors."

Listen below to an interview with Retta on our daily podcast PEOPLE Every Day.

Despite settling into her role as host from season 1, there's one all-too popular feature in several ugly houses that still stuns Retta.

Retta visits Kristyna and Evan’s guest bathroom, as seen on the Ugliest House in America, Season 2.

"Well, I still can't get over the fact that there are bathrooms with carpet. Every time I see it, I am just stunned and I'm like, 'How was this not the first thing you tried to kill with fire?'" she says. "It just happens every time and I'm like, 'I know I've seen this before, but I'm still shocked by it.'"

The Good Girls actress makes it clear that being the host of a show that takes you inside of unsightly homes isn't a job for the faint of heart.

"I'm oftentimes scared. There have been moments where I just give my director a look like, 'Why would you bring me here? Why would you put me in this position?'" she jokes. "That's happened more than once. He's like, 'That's why I didn't say anything — because I knew you wouldn't do it if I told you beforehand.'"

Retta reacts to the Weeki Wachee Battle Ship Home, as seen on Ugliest House in America, Season 2.
Bob Croslin/HGTV

However, touring some hideous homes leads to a rewarding renovation — and the show's second season promises an even more fun reveal.

"There is way more excitement in the second season," Retta says, adding that the winner of the home makeover "was very excited to see Allison and was thrilled with her work."

She adds, "I think this season is even more fun because I've gotten one season under my belt, so I'm way more relaxed and comfortable going into these. At first, I was afraid because I was like, 'These strangers, they don't know me. Are they going to be weirded out?' Now I'm like, 'All right, let's see what you got.'"

2022, May 13. Larkspur CO. Retta poses in front of the rock wall in the office as seen on Ugliest House in America, Season 2. (Photography Kim Cook/Getty Images)
Kim Cook/HGTV

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Asked what character on Parks and Rec would most likely be crowned winner of Ugliest House in America, Retta says, "It has to be Andy, because he was the messiest."

Ugliest House in America: Ugly in Paradise airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV and is also available to stream on discovery+

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