5 Things to Know About HGTV's 'Restored by the Fords' Hosts Leanne and Steve Ford

Get to know the brother-sister duo behind HGTV's latest hit

Oh, brother — HGTV has another series we’re about to be obsessed with!

Restored by the Fords follows siblings Leanne and Steve Ford as they make over outdated houses in Pittsburgh, PA. Although integrating clean, modern looks for local families is certainly a plus, Leanne, the designer, and Steve, the contractor, are in it for more than just the pretty “After” photos.

“These beautiful old homes, a lot of times are torn down or the character is ripped out of them,” Leanne tells PEOPLE Now. “For me I think, however we can keep them alive and give them new life is what we’re aiming to do.”

As for their favorite part of their new day job, Steve says it’s “when I forget what it used to look like and it becomes something new. There’s a point where walls are torn down and we see what’s about to happen.”

And while he might do the dirty work, he credits his sister’s vision for their successes. “Leanne sees that before me, we walk into a place and she sees it finished,” he says.

Here are five more facts you should know about the network’s newest hosts:

1. They were besties from the beginning.

Steve and his younger sister were pals from day one — thanks, in part, to some low-key scheming from their mother. “Our mom wrote that on there…#SublimenalMessage???” the Fords say on this throwback photo of the two when they were little, featuring the words “Best Friends” written in marker. “And now these little munchkins are filming a #TVShow?? Whoa. Didn’t see that one coming.”

2. Their first project was Leanne’s first home.

According to HGTV, the Fords first tried their hand at renovation on a very risky project: Leanne’s home! When she couldn’t find a contractor to agree to her plans for the 1960s historic schoolhouse, she turned to her brother for help.

“My favorite part about working with Steve is that he can make anything happen,” Leanne says. “Any crazy idea I dream of, any idea I dream up, he can make happen.”

3. Leanne started in fashion, while Steve’s passion is into outdoor sports.

Both of the stars had other plans in mind for their career. Steve pursued outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding, and now has a side hustle called Surf Pittsburgh where he gives private wake surfing lessons.

Leanne spent nearly 15 years in New York City and Los Angeles working as a stylist and creative director in fashion before making her way to the interior design community.

“Honestly, the same thing in fashion is what I love about interiors, which is just new ways to connect things; new ways to put things together; mixing old and new, shiny and rusty,” Leanne says.

4. They’re both in relationships.

Steve revealed he spent his most recent date night celebrating his girlfriend Sara’s birthday, while Leanne married her husband Erik, in November 2017 in a spur-of-the-moment ceremony.

“I’ve been in total heaven since the day I (finally) kissed this man. And on Sunday evening in #NewYorkCity, Erik and I stood in front of our immediate families only and said our vows,” she said in a photo from their big day. “To love each other through it, despite of it, because of it. And to protect the light. Two years to decide it, four days to plan it and a lifetime to enjoy it. I guess you’d call this an #elopement!?”

5. They have another sibling.

The Fords also have another sister, Michelle, who is the middle child. Although she isn’t a host, her daughters are primed to make a few appearances on the show, as this photo of Leanne with the young girls suggests.

“We were SO #proud of our little #nieces on @restoredbythefords this season!!” she said. “They were #naturals! And they even wore #neutrals ‘for Aunt Lee Lee’s #colorstory.’”

Restored By The Fords Airs Tuesdays at 10PM ET on HGTV.

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