You Can Now Rent Bella Swan's 'Twilight' Home On Airbnb for $330 a Night

The Airbnb rental still features the light green kitchen cabinets from the first Twilight movie

Teen vampire nostalgia!

You can now rent Charlie and Bella Swan’s Pacific Northwestern home from the beloved Twilight movies through Airbnb.

The teenage super-fan’s dream rental is a five-bedroom two-bathroom lodge and is just as charming as it was in the movies — and yes, the green kitchen cabinets are still intact!

The Twilight saga, based on four novels by Stephenie Meyer, opens with Bella (Kristen Stewart) moving to Forks, Washington, to live with her police chief father Charlie Swan (Billy Burke). The quiet town gets flipped on its head when a vampire named Edward Cullen falls for mortal Bella despite all the risks.

Aside from fighting to keep his love safe, the vampire also later finds himself locked in a battle for Bella’s heart when a new werewolf, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), arrives on the scene.

It’s a fantasy storyline that captivated millions around the world — the franchise earned a total of $2.5 billion at the box office, according to Forbes — and now, you can relive it.


The Airbnb rental (which is actually located in Saint Helens, Oregan, not Forks, Washington) is the scene of so many iconic Twilight moments, including when Edward and Bella got hot and heavy for the very first time and where Edward watched Bella sleep in the middle of the night.

Priced at $330 a night, the 1930’s abode is a short drive from Portland and within walking distance of Oregon’s Columbia River. It fits 10 guests comfortably and requires a minimum of a two-day rental, according to the listing.


The seemingly popular place (which features a simple white facade and a vintage interior) has 21 mostly positive reviews and a perfect five-star rating on Airbnb.

“Our experience in this place was amazing, to be able to spend two nights where the twilight movie was filmed was a dream come true!” one reviewer wrote.

Another said: “If you are a die-hard Twilight fan, then staying at the Swan House is a must (top of your bucket list)! It was so surreal, amazing and awesome!”

The famous home made headlines in 2018 when it went on the market for $349,000, listed by Andrew Ferranti of Sotheby’s International Real Estate.


“If you’re a fan, this place is the one spot that a movie fan can directly connect with an actual physical part of the movie,” Dean Koenig, who owned the home for nearly 16 years, said at the time.

“Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie. So when people come here they actually can connect to that world and that world becomes a little more real to them.”


Koenig told PEOPLE that he kept many of the decor choices made by Twilight’s set designers, many of which still in the home today now that it’s available to rent through Airbnb.

“The character of the place almost takes on a new identity after something like that,” Koenig said. “You go from this house that looks one way and presents itself one way to a house that’s now presenting itself to the world — that people are showing up to visit. It becomes a slightly better place, a little more enhanced.”

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