Nicole Curtis Declares I 'Don't Worry What Others Think of My Parenting' in Mother's Day Message

"I never asked God for anything except to make me a mama," she says

Nicole Curtis spent Mother’s Day reflecting on what she’s learned raising her two sons, Ethan, 20, and Harper, almost 3.

The Rehab Addict star, who frequently voices her support for normalizing breastfeeding and baby-led weening, posted a personal message on Instagram on Sunday, sharing insight into her parenting style with her children, as well as how it’s changed between her first and second.

“I never asked God for anything except to make me a mama,” she began her post, which was posted alongside a photo of her and her youngest at the beach. “As the ‘old’ mom (because I’ve already been through the teen years) I get asked what I do differently.”

One way Curtis has grown from when she was a first-time mom to Ethan, who she shares with ex Steven Cimini: “I recognize that problematic moments stem from frustration rather than defiance.”

She adds that she’s also let go of concerning herself with outside opinions. “I smile more and don’t worry what others think of my parenting and focus on what matters most to my children,” she said.

The HGTV and DIY Network host also reminds her followers that “no mom is perfect, but the perfect gift a mom can give a child is to always be able to say I’m sorry – let’s try that again,” she said. “We have to be able to show love, acceptance and forgiveness to teach it.”

Curtis’s comments come in the wake of a years-long custody battle with ex Shane Maguire over Harper. In March, she said that a settlement was reached and the pair would split parenting time between Los Angeles, where Curtis resides, and Maguire’s home in Michigan. Although they’ve had their ups and downs — she has weathered criticism for her choice to continue breastfeeding Harper at 30 months — Curtis revealed she wants her son to realize he “came of love and laughter…not hate.”

“We both love our children more than anything, and we’re really no different than anyone else trying to navigate through some really trying times and the challenges of being the best mom and dad possible,” she says.

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