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October 26, 2017 11:30 PM

Whether it’s a Christmas album or an eyeshadow palette, we’ve never met something Reba-related that didn’t zonk us out with happiness. Now, it looks like we may very well be able to add “house guest” to our trove of Reba treasures.

Earlier this week, news broke in The Tennessean that Reba’s former Lebanon, Tennessee, property will become a luxury event venue on Nov. 1. Having sold her one-time residence to Deron Licthe, CEO of a Portland-based food equipment company, Reba is not involved. However, Licthe plans to use her spacious digs as the backdrop for grand weddings, corporate events, group retreats, and more.

With a fitting renaming of the property to Starstruck Estate, Wilson County has approved the music icon’s former residence for events of up to 500 people, and up to 15 overnight guests. The anticipated opening date for the bed and breakfast has not been revealed.

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The sprawling 12,816 square foot home features an on-site pool, tennis court, equestrian facility, and guest house. According to another article in The Tennessean, management intends to name and design each bedroom in the mansion after a country artist. There’s also a lakefront and indoor movie theater, should your event or wedding plans call for it.

If you need us, follow the sound of “Fancy” blaring (we won’t break the property’s 90-decibel rule, of course) and head to the pool.

For more photos of the property, check out the Trulia listing here.

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