'RHONY'' s Dorinda Medley Shows Off Her Berkshires House That's 11,000 Square Feet: 'But Who's Counting?'

"They're here. We have our drama. They leave . . . and I do a little saging afterwards"

You can take the girls out of New York, but you can’t take the big city drama out of the girls.

Real Housewife of New York star Dorinda Medley’s house in Massachusetts’ Berkshires region has served as the backdrop for quite a few squabbles this season. However, as this video from Entertainment Tonight shows, it’s actually quite calming when not filled with bickering costars that make Medley “want to light my house on fire. Right now. And burn it down.”

After the screaming subsides (and the other ladies depart), Medley finds her country house to be a relaxing getaway. “They’re here. You know, we have our thing. We have our drama. They leave, and I let all the energy leave. And I do a little saging afterwards,” she says.

“Bluestone Manor,” as Medley calls the house, has nine bedrooms and sits on 18 acres of land. “I’d say it’s about 11,000 square feet, but who’s counting,” she says.

Rolling lawns featuring lush gardens, a fountain and a stunning pool occupy the outdoor areas while inside, the modern kitchen, plush billiards room and master bedroom make for a cozy retreat.

“Every once in awhile when we film up here, the producers find that I’ve snuck away and I’m laying in my bed watching TV,” Medley tells ET from the comfort of her king-size mattress.

Although things with the other Housewives are a bit rocky following the filming of the season eight reunion — “All of us have barely spoken since the reunion,” Medley says. “I’ve been lying in bed thinking how can you go back in the fall and all sit together and have any kind of friendship” — her house remains a source of comfort to escape the madness.

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