The Bravo star and her husband received a notice from their bank in December


Margaret Josephs is facing a foreclosure.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband Joseph Benigno were sent a foreclosure notice on their $1.125 million mansion from Unity Bank, according to Page Six. The fashion designer reportedly received the news in December.

The couple has been in the midst of a significant remodel of the property, which consisted of two side-by-side properties that they took out two mortgages on, according to the outlet. The bank allegedly claims it wants to "recover possession of both of said premises."

Fans of the Bravo series will recall Josephs and her husband's frequent discussions regarding the makeover, which was still incomplete at the end of RHONJ's most recent season.

The status of her construction project wasn't the only instance that her property sparked controversy with her castmates.

After revealing the "powerhouse in pigtails" had a taxidermy bear on the show, costar Siggy Flicker tweeted at PETA, which Josephs claims led to some scary backlash.

"I had death threats," Josephs revealed during the reunion special.

When she pressed Flicker as to why she would involve the animal rights organization Flicker responded, "Because you have a dead bear in your foyer and you're making fun of my foyer that has pictures of me. Don't talk about my foyer, I won't talk about yours."

Frenemy politics aside, this also isn't the only legal battle Josephs has found herself involved in. The pretty clothing brand Vineyard Vines reportedly sued for trademark infringement, positing that her Macbeth Collection copied their designs. Josephs paid just $190,000 of the $300,000 demanded in the suit, and the company is now seeking $9.4 million in damages.