See Inside 'RHOD' Star Cary Deuber's Newly Renovated Home—With a Closet Modeled After a Fendi Store

After their remodeling, Deuber and her husband Mark ended up with a $300,000 kitchen, a new master bath, and the walk-in closet of Cary's dreams.

When Cary Deuber and her husband Mark first got the idea to renovate their home, they only planned to add more closet space—but what they ended up with was an extensive remodeling project that involved a $300,000 kitchen, a new master bath, and of course, the closet of Cary’s dreams.

In home tour with Bravo, Cary shows off her nearly completed home, dubbed “Chez Deuber,” which she shares with her husband Mark, a plastic surgeon who, alongside Cary, owns and operates the Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center in Dallas.

First, Deuber walks through the room with “great acoustics” that houses the couple’s Steinway grand piano and a bar with custom wood to match that of the instrument.

Mark Deuber

But what Deuber calls the true “pièce de résistance” of the abode is Mark’s Molteni stove.

“Here she is,” Deuber says as she caresses the french-blue masterpiece with gold furnishings. “My sister wife.”

Mark Deuber

The Real Housewives of Dallas star explains that they also added in a custom-made vent hood and a special built-in stovetop meant for cooking meat or seafood.

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“It looks like you make pancakes on it. You don’t,” Deuber says in the video. “We use it to make tacos.”

Mark Deuber

And although Deuber estimates that the kitchen renovation cost “probably half a million dollars,” and was not a part of their original plan, it wasn’t the only part of their home that got a makeover. Their renovation originally began in their master suite.

“We didn’t have a big bathroom or closet and it was really becoming a problem,” she explains.

Mark Deuber

In her bathroom, she chose freestanding soaking bath tub that was “very classic, very simple,” but still “makes a statement,” with small air jets in the bottom. They also added in a steam room with dual shower heads, and Deuber was quick to point out that her RHOD costar Stephanie Hollman is “not the only one with a steam room and a nice toilet.”

One of Deuber’s favorite appliances in the home is her high-tech toilet, which allows you to change the temperature of the seat and choose whether you want it softer or harder—all with a remote control.

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“This is my beautiful new friend,” Deuber says in the video. “That’s my potty. I love her.”

Mark Deuber

But in Deuber’s eyes, the real star of her home is her walk-in closet, which is a brand new addition to the house that didn’t exist before the renovation. Walking into the closet isn’t easy though, as the Bravo star has put a keypad lock on her most prized possessions.

“I wanted it to look and feel like you’re in a store and you’re shopping,” Deuber says of the room, which is partially modeled after the Fendi store in Highland Park, and features an island in the middle and class doors to showcase her shoes.

Mark Deuber

“When I go to put together an outfit, I can come in here and see everything. It just makes it easier to be able to see everything and it’s more fun,” she adds. “You feel like you’re going shopping every day and you don’t have to spend a dime.”

At the center of the ceiling in the room, Deuber added in a spiky silver chandelier.

“I wanted to be able to swing from my chandelier in my closet and I feel like I can swing from that,” she says.

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Lastly, the Bravo star shows off her 5-year-old daughter Zuri’s room, where she keeps all of her stuffed animals, her pet fish, and “all of her fun clothes.”

“She’s a bit of a fashionista herself,” Deuber says. “I wonder where she gets it.”

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