Last year it was black Christmas trees, this year it’s rainbow ones

By Stacey Leasca
September 29, 2019 12:07 AM

The holiday season is nearly here (we know, we can’t believe it either), which means it’s time to start thinking about how you plan to celebrate. If Instagram is any indication, this year you’ll likely be celebrating with a few seriously colorful Christmas trees.

It has become all the rage to outdo the previous year’s Christmas tree by making it a bit more festive with each new holiday season. Last year, it was all about black Christmas trees. The year before that it was the upside-down tree. And for 2019, it’s looking like the latest trend will be all about the rainbow Christmas tree.

Although Christmas is a few months away, we’ve even spotted some teachers using these rainbow trees to decorate their classrooms for back-to-school season. It’s not surprising — they’re bright, cheery, and just plain fun.

Want to get in on the trend before the trees sell out? Here are five options you can buy on Amazon right now.

Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree


For a perfectly shaped and wildly colorful tree, look no further than Treetopia’s color burst tree. The artificial tree stands at a whopping seven feet tall and 46 inches wide to fill any room with joy. It comes with 1,213 branch tips for you to decorate and is covered by a five-year warranty, plus it even includes its own tree stand. According to some reports, Treetopia’s rainbow Christmas trees sold out last year, so it might be a good idea to reserve yours early.

Buy It! Treetopia Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree, $239.99;

Best Choice Faux Fir Rainbow Tree


For a slightly slimmer design, check out the Best Choice rainbow tree. The tree is meant to mimic a real fir, measuring in at seven feet tall and 38 inches wide. It also comes with plenty of branches to decorate as well as its own white metal stand.

Buy It! Best Choice Faux Fir Rainbow Tree, $139.99;

HMASYO Spiral Sequin Tinsel Tree


For something a bit smaller that still packs a colorful punch, the HMASYO sequin tree is a more subdued take on the trend. The tree, which stands five feet tall, is made entirely of tinsel and is covered with decorations as well as 3M lights shining in all the colors of the rainbow. The tree is also fully collapsible for easy storage to keep it fresh for next season.

Buy It! HMASYO Spiral Sequin Tinsel Tree, $29.99;

Signstek Fiber Optic Spruce Tree


For a subtler rainbow effect, check out Signstek’s fiber optic tree. During the day, this Christmas decoration will look like any other artificial evergreen. However, when the sun goes down and the lights turn on, the tree truly comes to life. The 7.5-foot-tall tree comes with 105 pre-strung low-voltage LED lights. The lights can also be set to 23 different color-changing modes, including flying and glittering fireworks, dancing colorful and knitting ribbon, rotating tree, rotating colors, and more. Of course, our personal favorite is the rainbow mode.

Buy It! Signstek Fiber Optic Spruce Tree, $499.99;

Etmact Bottle Brush Trees


If you want to get in on the rainbow Christmas tree trend but live in an apartment, don’t have a lot of space, or just want to go small with your decorations, try these Etmact bottle brush trees. Each set comes with 24 little trees that will look absolutely adorable in any space, big or small — with a range of bright yellow, green, pink, and white hues, it gets a serious rainbow upgrade. And at just under $10, it’s also a budget-friendly.

Buy It! Etmact Bottle Brush Trees, $9.99, Amazon;

This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens.