Rachel Zoe Reveals Husband Rodger's Role Around the House: 'You Are the Best Pack Mule'

"He can literally hold more stuff than any man, I swear," she says.


Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman say they’re a “tag team” when it comes to most of the household chores, but there’s one task that Berman does best.

“Even at your most useless self, you are the best pack mule,” Zoe tells her husband of over 20 years, while hosting a dinner for the new LG QuadWash dishwasher, which features four spray arms instead of the standard two. “He can literally hold more stuff than any man, I swear.”

Although Berman gladly takes the compliment, he adds that his wife doesn’t always pay him due praise. “What’s weird is she’s gotten really cocky,” he jokes, adding that even if there are “11 bags” to unload, she’ll step away with just a purse. “Sometimes she’ll turn around and be like, ‘Babe, can you grab my pocketbook, too?’ Like, how heavy is that Starbucks in your cup?”

But Zoe’s excuse for her quick exit is a valid one. “I have two kids!” she says of their sons, Skyler, 6, and Kaius, 3. “I’ll take the kids, and he takes the crap.”

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The two may tease one another about their contributions to their home — which Zoe describes as a “very zen” — but when they travel, they always do a few extra little things to help each other out.

“When we go to a hotel I used to unpack for her,” he recalls.

“Yeah, because if I had to get off the plane and go straight to a shoot, I’d come back at like one in the morning and all my stuff was hanging,” she says. “That was really sweet.”

Berman adds, “I try and be nice!”

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