Work hard, lounge hard is the motto at The Zoe Report headquarters.

The headquarters of designer and stylist Rachel Zoe‘s lifestyle site has gotten a very stylish makeover from none other than her former assistant, Jeremiah Brent, now head of his own interior design firm and a powerhouse tastemaker.

“I listened to what Rachel really wanted,” Brent tells The Zoe Report. “She wanted clean lines, timeless design, a space that was fluid that she could have completely different types of moments and that was really the launching pad for me.”

To accomplish Zoe’s vision, Brent, who’s married to interior designer Nate Berkus, focused on combining classic elements like a gallery wall that showcases fashion photos with flexible furniture pieces to create a relaxed and “unconventional” vibe. The super chic sitting areas and abundance of outdoor space make it hard to believe the SoCal space is actually an office.

“The Zoe Report is really for a girl that’s interested in fashion, she’s interested in texture, she’s interested in mixing vintage and new, so I wanted the space to reflect that,” he says.

A twist on a traditional color scheme — “Rachel Zoe is all about timeless,” he says. “She likes a lot of white and black.” — a heavy dose of texture, and furniture like swivel chairs from Living Spaces that encourage conversation, all create the easygoing and interactive environment.

Brent’s guiding principal, “a good designer is a good listener,” also came into play when thinking about how the actual minds behind The Zoe Report would use the office.

“I imagined two girls coming up here in a big high heel — because they’re always in huge heels — and sitting down with a cup of coffee and a big laptop, taking a deep breath, looking outside and having a really soft place to land,” he says.

But the plush interiors aren’t the only work perk.

“I think that outdoor space, no matter where you live, is such a huge commodity,” Brent says of the massive rooftop lounge area. “And we are in the heart of West Hollywood, so to not only have outdoor space, but to have it at work is a huge deal.”

So is The Zoe Report hiring? Asking for a friend.

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