Bobby Berk designed a functional and cute space for bringing their heroes

By Madison Roberts
March 15, 2019 08:00 AM
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Before the fab five claimed a warehouse space in Kansas City, Missouri as their loft for the upcoming season of Queer Eye, it was completely stark and open.

Resident interior design expert Bobby Berk was able to quickly turn the space into a functional, yet cozy, area where they could hang out and bring all of their heroes during their transformations.

“Open spaces can be overwhelming for people,” Berk says about the area before he added his magic touch. “They can often go cold and sterile.”

So Berk teamed up with West Elm and production designer and stylist Tommy Rouse to create a warm and inviting area, which he exclusively revealed to PEOPLE. He used wood elements, greenery and pops of color to liven up the space.

Landon Vonderschmidt for West Elm; Inset: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

“I wanted to create a space that was not only functional for what we needed to use it for, but also had different areas that allowed the space to feel more familiar and comfortable,” he says.

Berk incorporated a wooden media credenza underneath the TV, and separated the living room with a large l-shaped sofa flanked by two round, gold end tables and anchored with a rug.

In a separate area of the space, Berk used a 6-person dining table as the room’s centerpiece, which flowed into a seating area with two blue velvet accent chairs.

Landon Vonderschmidt for West Elm

“Creating different vignettes throughout the room in a cohesive color palette allows me to define the different spaces without having them feel separate from each other,” Berk says.

Small pieces of each member of the fab five’s personality and respective jobs on Queer Eye make their way into the space. Berk was sure to include a grooming area for his costar Jonathan Van Ness with a shelf for beauty products and a barber chair with a mirror.

Landon Vonderschmidt for West Elm

In another area of the room, there’s a clothing rack for resident fashionista Tan France, and a light-up sign that reads “style, taste, class” hangs on a brick wall in the room, which marks a set of values possibly set forth by culture expert Karamo Brown. That phrase also made an appearance as a design element in their Atlanta loft during Queer Eye‘s first season.

Landon Vonderschmidt for West Elm

“This space was a place where we could host our heroes and show them a good time,” Berk says. “I wanted to create a space that felt exciting, inspiring and fun but also comfortable and welcoming. Spending time with our heroes in this space are some of my favorite memories.”

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The kitchen, which is likely used most by resident foodie Antoni Porowski throughout the third season, gives off a rustic modern vibe, with six brown and black bar stools lined up at the eat-in counter and patterned wallpaper on the wall.

Throughout the entire loft, Berk added in greenery, including a window full of hanging plants in the kitchen, to spruce up the room and make it feel more fresh.

While Berk enjoyed creating the loft as a homey hangout for filming, he says the true joy comes from making over the heroes homes and helping them use their own personal spaces to inspire happiness.

Landon Vonderschmidt for West Elm

“When you come into someone’s home and completely transform their space it also allows you to transform and change their life,” Berk tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I feel so lucky that I am able to help redesign the spaces that our heroes live in, and work with them to teach them how having an organized and clean space can translate directly into their daily life.”

“Surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy allows us to bring that same feeling into the rest of our lives,” he continues. “But that happiness doesn’t have to mean something you buy – it could simple come through by changing around the layout of your room or organizing your room to get rid of what you don’t use. Happiness starts in your home and I love that I can help our heroes find that.”

Queer Eye season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix now.