'Queer Eye' 's Bobby Berk Opens Up About His L.A. Home Renovation, Says Kids Are Part of '5-Year Plan'

Bobby Berk — who recently partnered with Adobe Document Cloud — and his husband moved from their downtown L.A. loft to a home in Silver Lake in December

Bobby Berk might not yet have his forever home, but he found something perfect for his life right now.

In December, the Queer Eye star and his husband, Dewey Do, moved from their loft in downtown L.A. to a house in nearby Silver Lake. Located high up in the hills of the neighborhood, Berk’s new home provides a welcome change of pace from the busy city.

“Downtown was great, but that’s not why we left New York,” Berk, 37, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We left New York for this, for the quiet. Like, I can open my windows at night here and sleep. In downtown, you can’t open your windows at night because it’s too loud. Also the beautiful, modern, clean design makes me happy.”

Berk — who recently partnered with Adobe Document Cloud to help people work smarter by making use of their apps like Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign — fell in love with the brand-new space when he saw it online, but there’s always room for improvements.

“I’m actually changing the kitchen because I think the house is a little too all-white for me right now,” he explains. “So in the kitchen it will be black cabinets, black countertops and maybe black backsplash — I haven’t decided yet. Then we’re just changing out tile in the bathrooms.”

Bobby Berk

Additionally, Berk and Do are digging out the hill that the front of the house sits on to make space for a new two-car garage, a gym and a pool with glass walls, which the steps of the entryway will go under.

“We’re finishing the design process of that right now, and then we’ll start for permits soon,” he says. “That probably won’t be done until November, so we’ll miss summer.”

Between shooting for Queer Eye and his many design ventures, Berk says he has only slept a total of about two weeks in the new home since moving in. Since he doesn’t get a lot of downtime in general at the moment, he says having kids with his husband of 15 years is currently a part of the “five-year plan,” or “when things have calmed down from Queer Eye a little bit.”

“My husband’s always like, ‘I don’t want to be a single parent. You’re always gone,’ ” he says. “Like 90 percent of the time I am.”

He adds: “We’d have to probably get a different house because this one is not kid-friendly.”

Since Berk is always on the go, he says he and Do keep their relationship going with constant texts and FaceTimes. They also employ a rule where they’ll try to see each other at least once a week.

“He’ll fly to wherever we’re filming or I’ll fly home when I can,” he says. “So usually two weeks is the max we’ll ever go without seeing each other.”

Right now, Berk calls his new website, bobbyberk.com, his “biggest baby.”

“There’s so much great information we’re putting on there,” he says. “We have a new health and fitness guru, a new chef, some new recipes, workout stuff, meal prep, design stuff and travel tips. It’s really a place where you can go and get all types of information and all the great tips and stuff that you get from Queer Eye as well. Soon we’ll be launching a section that will show you where to get everything that we have on all the episodes.”

As for what he’s into design-wise at the moment, Berk says he’s “all about a painted cabinet.”

“If you have cabinets that are like that nineties oak that everyone hates — if you’re from New York, you know what I’m talking about — instead of putting in new cabinets and throwing them in a landfill, paint them,” he says. “It’s really inexpensive and a much more eco-friendly way to make your kitchen look much newer.”

When it came to his new partnership with Adobe, Berk says it felt like an organic fit since he has been using the company’s products “for years.”

“As you know, I’m always on the go, so I use Adobe Scan to scan things whenever I need,” he says. “The cool thing about the product is you can scan anything and it recognizes the text, and I can edit the text too. So I don’t travel with a laptop anymore. I have my iPhone and my iPad, so I need software that helps me be on the go like that.”

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