And it’s on sale!

By Rebecca Carhart
March 24, 2020 04:53 PM
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Now that most of us are working from home due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, you may have started to realize that the chairs in your house are not comfortable enough to sit in for hours at a time. While you could invest in a whole new office chair, thousands of customers suggest buying the Purple Double Seat Cushion for your existing chair instead.

Made with the brand’s patented Purple Grid — a structure of square-shaped air channels — this seat cushion provides the support you need to sit comfortably on any chair for up to eight hours at a time. The Grid is designed to relax under your body’s weight while still supporting your legs, butt, and lower back. Meanwhile, the open-air channels help promote airflow to keep your backside from overheating.

The plush cushion is two inches thick and features a dual-support system that can be used on both firm and soft surfaces. It also comes with a machine-washable cover that’s made with soft, non-slip material and stays in place every time you sit. With smart details like this, it’s easy to see why the comfy cushion has racked up nearly 7,000 five-star reviews.

“I purchased the Purple Seat Cushion for my chair at work, it sorely lacks any padding and by the end of a 10-hour day I had a bad case of numb-bum,” wrote one shopper. “Well, numb-bum is no more with the Purple Seat Cushion — even 10 hours of sitting is comfortable on this thing. It’s soft, but firm and provides just the right support and comfort for long sessions in the cube farm. I would definitely purchase it again.”

“This cushion has made the difference between me being able to tolerate sitting in my office chair for long periods and having to endure chronic pain in the upper thighs due to hamstring tendonitis,” wrote another. “Instead of squirming in the chair trying to find a comfortable position, I am able to sit comfortably for hours at a time in spite of my condition. This cushion is tough and able to deliver what the designers intended.”

Normally priced at $99, you can snag the cushion for just $89 right now. While that is still pricier than other options on the market, with so many customers calling it “the most comfortable thing” they’ve ever sat on, it seems to be well worth the price.


Buy It! Purple Double Seat Cushion, $89 (orig. $99);