Property Brothers Share Awkward Teenage Photos and Heartfelt Messages on Shared 41st Birthday

Drew and Jonathan Scott weren't afraid to throw it way back for their birthday messages to each other

The Property Brothers are 41!

To celebrate their shared birthday on Sunday, the twin HGTV stars each posted a series of throwback photos, ranging from childhood to their teenage years to present day.

Drew kicked off the sentimental posts. “Jonathong! We’ve been inseparable since the moment we were born,” he wrote seemingly using an interesting nickname for his brother. “Thanks for all the support, the laughs and for being my bf for all these years. Love you and #happybirthday.”

His message was posted alongside a series of photos, starting with recent snaps of the pair—including one in which he captured Jonathan with a lasso—then jumped back in time with images from their younger days, including one where they sported red and blue suits, top hats, and canes. He also posted a few solo shots of his brother, including Jonathan as a teenager posing like a model and wearing orange short shorts, tube socks, sunglasses and a blonde wig.

Drew Jonathan Scott birthday
Drew Scott/Instagram
Drew Jonathan Scott birthday
Drew Jonathan Scott birthday

Jonathan followed suit, posting five images of the pair as children, including one from their very first birthday, on which they shared a cake that featured two clowns made of icing — foreshadowing their first shared jobs in the entertainment industry at age 8.

“Drew. Who’d have thought our journey would take us here,” Jonathan wrote alongside the images. “I’m blessed to have you as my best friend. I don’t take it for granted a single day.”

Drew Jonathan Scott birthday

Jonathan finished up the photo series with a picture of himself and Drew embracing their Scottish heritage while wearing kilts during a trip to Scotland in 2017.

The Canada-born duo have appeared in the hit HGTV series Property Brothers together since 2011, and launched numerous spin-offs, as well as furniture and home decor lines. They released their first children’s book, Builder Brothers Big Plans, in November. In February, Jonathan revealed that the pair had made about half a billion dollars in 2018.

Drew married his longtime love Linda Phan in Italy in May 2018, while Jonathan split from his girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov in April 2018.

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