By Megan Stein
November 23, 2016 10:25 AM
Credit: HGTV

The Property Brothers may be all fun and pranks on their show, but there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes than fans may think.

When devastating floods hit Louisiana in August, Drew and Jonathan Scott were hard at work in the area filming their new show, Brothers Take New Orleans. But the 38-year-old twins immediately went to work lending a hand where they could.

“It was tragic that that hit,” Jonathan tells PEOPLE. “The great thing about Louisiana, though, is that everybody comes together to help everybody out. These people don’t know the folks that were affected but they don’t care they just went down there to absolutely drop everything and help out.”

“Everybody was trying to do their bit to support,” Drew added.

Although their latest series pits the two brothers against each other to remodel a shotgun-style house, the true premise of the show goes much deeper than friendly competition.

“When we were talking about what we wanted to do for the next show, we came across this story of this woman whose home was damaged during Katrina,” Jonathan explains. “Unfortunately she fell victim to contractor fraud, the person ripped her home apart and took off with the money, and then she had nothing else in her name. So she had been out of her home for 11 years.”

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The two teamed up with local disaster relief organization SBP to overhaul the home. The side-by-side arrangement of the building served as a perfect way to “make it a real competition,” while also offering a stunning finished product the owner could enjoy for years.

“When we finished and showed the homeowner, she just about passed out she was so excited,” Jonathan says.

“She never again thought she’d be living in her own house,” Drew says. “To bring that back and give it back to her, it means so much.”

Brothers Take New Orleans premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on HGTV.