WATCH: The 'Property Brothers' Accept Harry Connick Jr. as Long-Lost Triplet, Take a Cute Family Christmas Photo

Drew and Jonathan Scott might just have a long-lost brother.

While filming a segment for Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show Harry on Thursday, the Property Brothers stars, 38, shared a special moment with host, 49, in which Jonathan and Connick Jr. reveal they’re frequently told they are one another’s celebrity doppelgängers.

“It’s funny, we’re twins, but no one in all my life has ever said I look like you,” Drew says of Jonathan and Connick Jr.’s apparent #twinning. “But people say it all the time that he does.”

“I get more messages [from people] online who say they swear we were split at birth,” Jonathan says, while Connick Jr., adds, “I’ve heard it, but I can really see it now.”

NBCUniversal/Slaven Vlasic

Drew doesn’t take the lack of comparison too personally though, joking that the two rank as more attractive than the Scott’s other sibling, J.D., but, “less better looking than me.”

When Connick Jr. asks if the two have ever been compared to football player Troy Aikman, both say no, but Jonathan does admit he hears he bears a certain likeness to another TV star.

“I get Pee-wee Herman,” he says.

After a quick round of Connick Jr.’s new go-to game, Toast Toss, the three faux-family members posed for a Christmas card picture that’s sure to look right at home on the Brothers’ mantel, or, more likely, their mom’s.

“My mom’s just actually started calling us Harry because you’re her favorite son,” Drew says.

The Scott brothers interview airs December 8th on Harry (check local listings).

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