WATCH:' Property Brothers' ' Jonathan Scott Admits His Bedroom Is a Very Popular Place: 'Everybody Wants to Try My Bed for at Least One Night'

Jonathan Scott has one rule for the bedroom: no work, all play.

“[There are] two possible things that could happen in the bedroom,” he says. “Work or fun. You pick which one would be better.”

Scott, who has spent years remodeling homes on the hit HGTV series Property Brothers with his twin, Drew, is a pro at creating stylish and serene sleeping spaces. But when it comes to his own morning routine, he doesn’t necessarily follow the old-school design rules.

“I absolutely do not make my bed every morning,” he says. “I hate that. I make enough beds in a day that I do not want to make my bed every day.”

Outside of his own habits, though, the 38-year-old TV star has cultivated many answers to the bedroom’s biggest conundrums, including this common challenge: how to make it work for a couple with wildly different styles.

“You have to realize that there are two people enjoying the space,” he says. “There’s a way to blend any palette so that it doesn’t feel too feminine or too masculine.”

Stearns & Foster

Although the décor is important, the real key to comfortable cohabiting lies in the room’s most important furniture piece.

“There is no secret. You have to buy a quality mattress,” he says, adding that his personal splurge, the Stearns & Foster Reserve bed, allows him to toss and turn without girlfriend Jacinta even noticing — and that’s not even its most popular feature.

“I even have the adjustable base,” he says. “My friends are like, ‘Oh, Jonathan, you’ve already entered your twilight years.’ I’m like ‘No, you’ve gotta try it.’”

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But his plans to prove his loved ones wrong might have backfired a little bit.

“The only problem is now everybody who stays at my house wants to try my bed for at least one night,” he explains. “So whenever I’m not there and someone’s staying at the house, I’ve got people in my bed.”

While his friends test out his furniture at home, Scott is often busy tackling his next business venture — which includes toying with the possibility of outfitting celeb spaces (and we’re not talking about the Brothers’ plans for Beyonce’s nursery).

“I’ve seen that Pink really likes to swing off chains and things like that, so I could probably make some sort of circus-inspired bedroom,” he says of the star bedroom he dreams to design. “She’s probably go for some wild colors or pyrotechnics.”

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