'Property Brothers' ' Jonathan and Drew Scott Say Never Paint Your Walls These Two Colors

Do you have one of these colors in your home? 

If walls could talk, they'd tell you that certain paint colors should never see the light of day—or at least that's what Jonathan and Drew Scott think.

On a recent episode of HGTV's Property Brothers: Buying & Selling, the handy twins, 41, made it clear that not all wall colors are created equal, and yellow and red (hello, mustard and ketchup) just aren't what you want on your walls in 2019.

The episode, titled "Condo Dreams," sees the brothers through a trip to Calgary, Canada, in which they help a recently widowed homeowner named Roseanne transform her dated downtown property into a family-friendly abode, helping her sell it for top dollar and find a new place of her own.

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Jonathan suggests a walk-through so that Rosanne can point out the things she doesn't think work, and Jonathan and Drew can ID their problem areas. Jonathan's first issue: the butter-colored walls in the living room. "Yellow walls don't really sell these days."

Property Brothers

After the living room, they venture into the kitchen and dining area, where they're met with dark red walls. The group agrees the color makes the already small space seem smaller and more dreary. Later, the brothers describe them as "angry '90s red walls."

Property Brothers

When discussing how they would makeover the house, the brothers suggest swapping in more neutral color in order to get a better resale value on the property. They end up tearing down some of the red wall later in the episode to open the kitchen up into the living space, with Jonathan, Roseanne and her sister-in-law going to town with sledgehammers.

In the final spaces, the realtor-contractor duo decide on a neutral, cool grey that accents black cabinetry and a black-and-white stone fireplace front.

Property Brothers
Property Brothers

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The home ended up selling for $815,000, meaning Roseanne made more than $200,000 more than what the house was expected to be worth before the makeover.

For those with primary color walls, looking to update their interiors (or list their home), fear not! A handful of HGTV stars have shared their favorite hues.

Christina El Moussa suggests Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, a warm greige (that's a gray-beige), for almost any room in the house. "We use this in 90 percent of our flips –– for every room. It makes furniture look great, and buyers love it," she told HGTV Magazine.

America's Most Desperate Kitchens host John Colaneri goes for a daring darker neutral: Sherwin-Williams' Thunder Gray. "I'm into dark walls right now. Any color you put next to this charcoal gray, whether it's on a rug or a sofa, will stand out," he told the magazine.

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