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Mackenzie Schmidt
December 12, 2016 04:43 PM

Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott may be jetting off to Hawaii with family, friends and girlfriends for Christmas this year, but the twins, 38, won’t be skipping out on any of their holiday season traditions.

First on the list: their favorite movies, of course! While Drew tells PEOPLE his go-to is Love Actually, Jonathan says, “Elf for me. But family tradition is definitely It’s a Wonderful Life.” The guys can host the whole family for a viewing party at their shared home in Las Vegas, which is already decked out with a 16-foot faux tree, evergreen swags and plenty of gold and silver decor.

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Don’t expect the HGTV A-listers to be stuffing a pile of presents into their luggage as they head to the Aloha Sate, though. “We are actually not really a gift-giving family,” Jonathan says. “We each draw names and do a stocking for that one person.” Of course, gag gifts also make a special appearance at any festivities hosted by the renowned pranksters: Each member of the family also, “draw a second name and do one small gift — usually creative, homemade or hilarious novelties,” he adds.

The best gift for the brothers, however, is one they intend to give, not get. Drew and Jonathan recently volunteered their efforts following the devastating flooding in New Orleans, and continue to spread good cheer at the holidays.

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“My favorite [gift we] give over the holiday season is the food basket we prepare for a family that is less fortunate,” Jonathan says. “So that hopefully they may worry less about where that meal is coming from and they too may celebrate that time with each other.”

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