'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott Open Up About Getting Older: '40 Is the New 18!'

Plus, the one weird item that's still on Jonathan's bucket list

Jonathan Scott has one item on his bucket list, he might not be checking off any time soon.

“I want to ride a unicorn,” the Property Brothers star, 38, deadpans in an interview with PEOPLE Now, when asked what he’d like to accomplish before turning 40.

It’s an understandable wish, given that he and twin brother Drew have basically accomplished everything else they could have hoped for before hitting the big 4-0. The pair have several HGTV shows — including a brand new one about Drew’s L.A. love nest with fiancée Linda Phan, premiering in November — product lines, a successful book (and another on the way), and some of the most dedicated fans of any stars on TV.

“For me, 40 is the new 18, because I still act like a big kid,” says Drew, who, along with Jonathan, has been known to pull off some pretty epic pranks.

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On a more serious note, Jonathan adds, “I’ll admit that I enjoyed my 20s more than my teens, my 30s more than my 20s. I think we’re at a point where we’re very comfortable with who we are and what we want to dedicate our lives to.”

The brothers still have one more year to enjoy their fourth decade: they turn 39 on Friday!

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