A gift wrapping room, a present conveyor belt and a life-size dollhouse are just the beginning! 

By Hannah Chubb
December 27, 2019 04:06 PM

This Property Brother is no grinch!

Drew Scott, 41, and his wife Linda Phan, 34, showed off their merry and bright Christmas decorations, and their whole-house makeover is not for the faint of heart.

The couple, who married in April 2018, transformed the facade of their Los Angeles home into a life-size gingerbread house for their first Christmas together last year, designing extravagant scenes that would make Santa jealous.

But the pair only revealed that the magic continued indoors — and was even more over-the-top — on a new HGTV special, Outrageous Holiday Houses, which premiered this year on Thanksgiving Day.

In the clips below, the pair go into detail about how they decorated their home office, foyer an living room for the holidays — an extensive design process which they undertook themselves.

Credit: HGTV
Credit: HGTV

“My obsession with the holidays starts around February,” Phan jokes in one of the videos. “I mean, we start thinking about Christmas even before Halloween.” Many of the decorations in the home were handcrafted by Phan herself, including a mural in the foyer of a train that she painted on their closet doors.

Credit: HGTV

“We went all out with decorations because we have our family coming here and we want to surprise them,” she shared.

Scott agreed: “This is our first Christmas in this house together, and it means so much to us to have family with us.”

Because two of Phan’s sisters have children, many of the decorations were designed to wow the little ones, including the working gift conveyor belt in the foyer.

In a video, Scott points to the contraption they created on the side of their staircase, explaining, “This is actually a conveyor belt where all the kids’ gifts are being sent from Santa to the world.” He then explains that they used a chain and pedal from a bike to create the kinetic display.

“We wanted this to be something cool the kids have never seen before,” Scott said.

Also in the foyer are a vintage chestnut roaster, handmade faux train tracks and a sprawling Santa’s list, which featured some familiar names like Jonathan (Drew’s brother and costar) and Annalee (the twins’ older brother J.D.’s wife).

Credit: HGTV
Credit: HGTV

“Nothing can be just small and regular, we have to go a little bit overboard,” Drew admitted as they showed of their nearly unrecognizable home office.

They transformed the office space into a holiday bakery, complete with pastry displays and a gift wrapping station. “Everything you see here is DIY,” he shared. The pair even strung up popcorn to decorate the walls, a Scott family holiday tradition.

Credit: HGTV

In the living room, the decor-loving couple created an entire wall of shadow boxes that each feature a different room vignette — complete with tiny furniture — to create the feeling of being inside a massive dollhouse.

Credit: HGTV

Outside, an adorable display featured a cupcake stand manned by a gingerbread man, two giant toy soldiers framing the front door, a bakery sign hung on the bay window and red “icing” decorations reminiscent of a classic gingerbread cottage. A scalloped light design on the roof even looked like real icing, while candy canes lined the front yard and faux peppermints decorated the facade.

Credit: HGTV

Drew and Linda purchased and completely overhauled this house to be their West Coast home base, and documented the process on an HGTV series, Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. Drew and Jonathan previously shared a home in Las Vegas, which they still use as a family compound.